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A young grolug with a big passion for adventure and a drive to learn the myseteries of jindo magic.

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  Bubb is a young Grolug and ever since they could remember they've always wanted to be a treasure hunter.   He loves sounds, especially birds and wildlife and started his adventures with the Birds & Bones Association. After going on lots of long walks with his local group, he saw many jindo ruins that peaked his interest and started getting more daring and looked around "for bugs and bones" near some dangerous ruins. The group people thought that was unusual as he normally prefers looking for birds, but they let him venture off because he always found incredible things.   It was in this group that he became best friends with Gem, a lovely renzar woman who has always been extra kind to him and has become like a best friend and adopted-auntie - they love sharing secrets and gossip with each other on the way back, and Gem always brings the tastiest snacks!  

A passion for tinkering

Bubb has a prosthetic leg and they're working as an apprentice to an inventor to try and include some kind of magic abilities into their prosthetic. He has different attachments that he fastens onto the leg to express his identity based on how masculine, feminine, or nonbinary they are feeling at any given time - his friends respect this and have even gifted thematic decorations to add for different seasonal celebrations of the year.  

A costly discovery

Content warning: physical trauma.   On a weekend adventure with the Birds & Bones Association he ventured too far off the beaten path into an overgrown jindo ruin and went inside and started rummaging around the rubble in search of cool stuff.   He found a hatch to what looked like an old root cellar and opened it up. Exploring the basement he found a magical jindo artifact that he kept safe but he didn't realise it was a trap. As soon as Bubb picked it up and put it in their bag, something made a bad sound that they didn't like that grew in pitch and intensity from a low hum until everything went white, time skipped, he blinked and awoke in a healer's ward.   Bubb lost both his legs to a magical ward, the kind which only the jindo knew the workings of to guard their posessions. The healers managed to reattach his right leg and helped him with physical therapy in learning to walk again.   Gem stayed with Bubb and helped them with every part of their recovery and even brought them small trinkets like colourful feathers and ancient arrowheads during the time that they were still bed-bound.   The physicians were astounded at Bubb's enthusiasm and how unnaturally quickly they were able to heal, but he was determined to get back out into the world and learn everything he could about the jindo's lost secrets of magic.  

Museum of Mysteries

Fully recovered, Bubb now works as an apprentice curator and part-time-adventurer for the Museum of Mysteries and has made many small donations to its collections.   They were delighted to take on the responsibility and honour of running the guild stall for the Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair and got lots of new leads and contacts to follow up on for future expeditions!
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