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Birds & Bones Association

A guild dedicated to the study and documentation of all creatures, living and dead.

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Despite originally forming from the combination of a bone collecting club and birdwatching group, the Birds & Bones Association doesn't limit itself to the study of just avian species in the wild - they're keen to learn everything there is to know about fauna of the world, both living and extinct.  


Whilst the guild is administered and run by a large team of researchers, within each local branch there are just three simple ranks within the guild:
  1. Spotters: members who focus on observing and documenting fauna in their natural habitat.
  2. Vultures: members with a focus on finding remains of fauna, even those that are extinct.
  3. Spultures: members who enjoy a bit of both and enjoy switching between areas frequently (even numerous times throughout the day)!

Tools of the trade

Out in the field, every member is encouraged to bring the following items:
  • Water and snacks: it's important to stay fuelled and hydrated!
  • Notebook(s): for documenting and sketching creatures and their habitats.
  • Clothing of muted, natural colours: to blend in better with the environment and not spook any creatures.
  • Bags of varying sizes: (and padding material) for gathering found specimens.
  • No fragrances: many creatures have highly sensitive scent detection, so perfumes and smelly food should be left at home.

Origins: up high and down low

The guild originated in Zendu as two distinct hobby groups: the Goldbrook Vultures and the Zendu Birdwatching Society. One day these two groups of critter-nerds fatefully crossed paths and stuck with each other ever since!   Team collaboration came naturally to them, as those with a keen eye for bones watch the paths and bushes and call out "Watch your step!" for trip hazards like stones and roots, whilst the bird watchers have eyes to the skies and trees and in return give a "Heads up!" on low hanging branches or dangerous creatures dangling from above.  

Team spirit

The Birds and Bones Association often teams up with the Foragers' Guild for seasonal walks to learn aboubt the different kinds of berries and herbs that creatures eat, and which ones are safe for folk consumption, too! It's always a treat on those group hikes because everyone comes home with a wicker basket full of delicious fruits and berries to make into jam, and plenty of tasty mushrooms to cook up!   It's also a great opportunity to gain new members in their ranks, and as neither guild claims exclusivity, folks can be a welcome part of both!
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