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Journals of Yesteryear


The motivation behind building Journals of Yesteryear

My motivation for building this bright fantasy world, as always, is to hone my skills, and have fun whilst exploring a new tone and setting - having a fresh canvas is a great opportunity for me to refine my methods of worldbuilding!   Journals of Yesteryear is a place where I can enjoy bright topics and challenge myself with some creative constraints (like pixel art and using a limited colour palette), and ultimately bring JOY to others :D

The goal of the project

I really enjoy sharing my process with others, so I will be documenting my worldbuilding progress more thoroughly with blog posts, development logs, and posts around the community.   I want to share my contagious enthusiasm that I have for exploring this world, and I'd love to make this a happy place for people to come and visit to brighten their day :)

Journals of Yesteryear's Unique Selling point

Journals of Yesteryear is an optimistic leaning, neutral-bright fantasy world with derpy magical creatures, floaty islands, mouth-watering food, and adventure-filled vistas full of overgrown ruins - all presented in the format of journal pages with a quirky combination of loose sketches and colourful pixel art.



JOY is a bright, heroic fantasy worldbuilding project!

Reader Experience

The world feels invitingly vibrant, awe inspiring, and full of wonderful people and creatures to encounter. For every challenge and obstacle that arises, five friends will be there to help overcome it.   Journal notes share slice of life snippets into cosy routines and delicious meals of the inhabitants of the world - and there are fun activities to participate in as an explorer of this setting, too!

Reader Tone

Journals of Yesteryear is neutral bright in tone and strikes a balance between perilous adventure and relaxing cosy spaces.

Recurring Themes

  • Breath-taking vistas scattered with crumbling overgrown ruins, and colossal floating islands looming in the sky.
  • Spectacular magical abilities used by all manner of living things, and the mystery of powerful artefacts left behind in the ruins.
  • Weaponry of different shapes, sizes, and uses.
  • Delicious food and all of the wondrous senses it evokes.
  • Healthy competitive spirit and the reminder to have fun and not take oneself too seriously.
  • Character Agency

    No matter age nor experience, every person is a hero of this world, and their destiny is a saga of triumph.


    All of the traditions, hobbies, sports, and activities that create bountiful enjoyment and lasting memories.
    From nurturing and gathering ingredients to carefully crafting a delicious meal that enriches the senses.
    Every living thing has magic, and those with higher levels of intelligence are able to wield it in more complex and powerful ways.


    The Jindo were a species who vanished without a trace 100 years ago during the Great Betrayal when greed-filled rulers of Zendu sought to learn their secrets of enchanting magic by force.   There are numerous theories as to where they went and how they vanished, and there are many curious folk still trying to find answers.
    The overgrown Jindo ruins scattered across the landscape still contain many enchanted items, but are dangerous to explore due to the "living constructs" and magical traps. Many of the smaller ruins are now inhabited by highly territorial creatures who've claimed them as their home.   Adventurers and organizations seek artefacts from these ruins for their extreme rarity and power.
    A huge floating island must have drifted off course from a sizeable storm and is now slowly approaching the region of Zendu, bringing with it a sizeable nest of hungry flying creatures who can't find their usual source of food.

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