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Journals of Yesteryear


The History of Journals of Yesteryear so far

A century ago, the Jindo were a huge part of society in the region of Zendu - they were the only ones who discovered how to use magic to enchant items, create "living constructs", and set passive magical abilities without requiring active casting.   Their skill and crafts were highly sought after and they kept their secrets closely guarded. Greed-filled leaders of nations and factions within the region became bitter at their monopoly on this knowledge which peaked in magic-fuelled warfare known as the Great Betrayal.   During this catastrophic event, the Jindo vanished without a trace. Since their disappearance, the settlements and fortifications they once thrived in have been laid to waste as armies, guilds, hunting parties, and adventurers pick over the rubble in search of any remaining artifacts.

Current Species & Cultures

The predominant species remaining in Zendu are:
  • Arbin - known for their root magic and living arboreal architecture
  • Grolug - nocturnal subterranean folk and experts in mining and metalwork
  • Loran - feathered folk who have mastered the ways of wind to soar short distances
  • Murid - historically known for their agricultural excellence and culinary prowess
  • Renzar - wardens of the waterways from the source to the sea

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