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Folk Ancestries

An overview of the different folk species and their ancestral affinities for magic.

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  There are many different folk who inhabit this world, some of whom you may have already met! Every folk kind has associations to the different kinds of magic that their ancestors developed with - but not everyone holds on to those traditions. Some people have specialised in other schools of magic, and others have a broad array of skills and abilities they call upon to help others and shape the world through their craft!  


Arbins are marsupial folk that have thick fur and strong, prehensile tails. They're historically known for their iconic living-architecture that were grown using their root magic to shape trees into complex, habitable structures.


Grolugs are an amphibious species, the majority of which are nocturnal based on their ancestor's subterranean origins. They have excellent vision in low light and are often associated with using earth magic to create impressive masonry.


Lorans are flightless birdfolk with beautiful feathers and a strong connection to wind magic. Where their ancestors once soared, loran folk use their talents to sail ships of both the sea and of the sky.


Murids are known for their affinity for body magic to boost their physical reflexes, stamina, or strength in incredible ways. Their ancestors have a history of hard work, determination, and resillience.


Renzars are a reptilian folk species known for their ancestral affinity for water magic. They are commonly associated with professions like sailing, fishing, and shipbuilding.
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