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A nocturnal folk ancestry with amphibious features and an affinity for earth and dark magic.

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  Grolug folk are bipedal and have toad-like bodies with facial features remeniscent of smiling geckos. They are a nocturnal species and their ancestry has granted them a natural affinity for both earth and dark magic and are often associated with mining and stone masonry.  

Physical features

Skin Colours

The skin of grolug folk can look leathery or bumpy in appearence or have a smooth waxy sheen, depending on their diet and the climate that they're living in. Skin tones range from dark and dull rocky colours through to vibrant, bright green tones.


Some folks have mottled skin markings that derived from their ancestors' natural camouflage to blend in with stony environments, others have bright splotches, large bands or stripes, and even gradients from head to toe! Grolug folk typically have an un-marked and lighter toned underbelly.

Eye Colours

Grolugs are nocturnal and have horizontal, oval-shaped pupils. They see a bit better than most folk in dim light, but have an easier grasp of dark magic which they use to see easily in the dark. Their eyes can be mottled brown or vibrant with red, orange, and golden colours.

Self expression

Grolug are a hairless species and use clothing and fashion accessories to adorn themselves and express their identities and personalities. Tattoos and piercings are popular in some cultures among grolug folk, but completely shunned in others in favour of feather-wigs!    

Ancestral magic

The grolugs ancestors were an exclusively nocturnal subterranean species and learnt how to develop their limited use of magic to shape stone and burrow into the earth making cavernous habitats and underground farms to live in.   Their knowledge of earth magic has continued through to today, where many grolugs continue the tradition by using their magic for mining, stone masonry, and magnificent sculptures.



Whilst male grolugs deposit small clusters of fertilised eggs upon their partner's back, the species has been classified as one who bears children due to what happens next: the mother's skin grows around the eggs forming small individual wombs. After 7-8 months, the baby grolugs emerge from their mother's back.


Growing up with anywhere between 5 and 10 other siblings isn't easy for young grolugs, but it can be a lot of fun during their childhood years with group activities like sports and games!
At this stage of life young grolugs will start to experience using their magical skills and abilities for the first time.


Grolug folk have a slightly slower growth rate than most other folk kinds. They begin their sexual development during their adolescent years and experiment with learning their newfound magical abilities.
It's an exciting time of opportunity for any young grolug and is a time where many folks decide to venture away from their siblings and enjoy some early independence.


Adult maturity starts at age 30 for most grolugs, but regional differences in laws and traditions have an impact on when they can legally partake in certain activities - for some countries the age is set to the same number for all folks to try and be fair, but this can mean folk of other species have to wait much longer before they can partake in voting or alcohol consumption.

Elder years

As grolugs approach their later years, their skin can become wrinkled and leathery in texture and some folks gain a bumpy texture over their bodies. As their energy begins to wane towards the end of their long lives, so does their use of magic. Their family and friends help out and care for them to make sure they're happy and comfy.
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