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A reptilian folk ancestry with an affinity for both water and heat type magic.

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  Renzar are a bipedal reptilian folk who are often associated with their ancestral affinities for both water and heat magics.  

Physical features

Skin Colours

Renzar folk have leathery scaled skin but not everyone has the same thickness or texture - some folks have very thick scales on their head, back, arms, and tail but others can appear very smooth in comparison! Their colours typically range from dull neutral tones through to brighter blues.


Not all renzars have markings, but those that do often have bright blotches and stripes that continue all over their body and down their tail. Marking colours contrast brightly from their skin tones and are often warm to white colours like vibrant red and orange.

Eye Colours

Renzar have vertical, slit-shaped pupils, though some folks have much wider ones that it can be hard to distinguish their shape. They have a membrane which acts as an inner eyelid that helps them to see more comfortably underwater. Their eye colour is varied and can be in almost any colour!

Self expression

Renzar folk enjoy decorating their skin and scales with makeup, body paint, and scale varnishes. Some folks love to take part in body modification from simple piercings or tattoos through to scarification and selective-scale removal to create intricate and beautiful patterns.  

Ancestral magic

Thanks to their ancestry, renzars have an easier time learning water based and heat based magic, though it still takes dedicated practise to learn and become proficient at.   Their ancestors used heat magic to raise the temperature of things for cooking food, making fires, and heating their dwellings. Their mastery of water magic made them excellent fisherfolk and sailors, but only a few renzar continue that tradition today.



Renzar are an egg-laying folk and typically nest between one and three eggs at a time. It takes almost a full year of dedicated incubation for the large eggs to hatch, and there are cultures who prefer to use body heat rather than risk using magic to help speed up the process.


Renzar childhood lasts until 10 years of age and is an exciting time of growth and making friends and early memories. It's at this stage of life where they often first experience their first use of magic, sparking chaotic curiosity for different ways to use it.


Adolescence in renzar folk lasts from age 10 up to their 22nd birthday as they continue growing and sexually mature. Their markings come through in bold and bright patterns during this time in their lives. In their teen years renzar learn skills towards a profession they'd like to take up.


By 22 years of age, most renzar have finished their physical and mental development, though some may still act less maturely than others even until their elder years! Different regions define the legal definition of an "adult" and what responsibilities they have.

Elder years

During their latter years, renzar typically experience their skin and scales losing vibrance and everything starts to sag a little. They take care of themselves and have the support of their family and friends to enjoy a long lifetime of up to 100 years of fond memories.
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