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Home of floating islands, ancient ruins, and scenic landscapes.

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Zendu is a country with beautiful scenery, picturesque grasslands surrounded by huge volcanic mountains. There are many ancient jindo ruins that adventurers want to investigate in the hopes of uncovering any lost enchanted artifacts. The grasslands are home to the highly venomous long-nosed ringtail snake.   The country is known as a rising site of new floating islands, most famously the huge island home to the Academy of Arcane Sciences that travels aroudn the world studying magic.   People also associate Zendu with the invention of airships, and craftsfolk are always keen to get their hands on some authentic Zendian albar harvested from the core of floating islands to lighten their cargo and vessels.   The country has recently adopted a motto, as seems to be the popular thing these days, and the words: "Rising above, soaring beyond." display proudly on official stamps and seals throughout the region.   Many folks travel to Zendu just for the Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair, held in the capital city every spring. Prominent guilds recruit from there such as: the Birds & Bones Association, the Museum of Mysteries, the Crumble-Cup League, and of course the Academy of Arcane Sciences.

Rising above, soaring beyond.

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