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Academy Island

One of the largest inhabited floating islands in the world and home to the Academy of Arcane Sciences.

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  This iconic floating island is one of the largest inhabited islands in the world and is home to the Academy of Arcane Sciences, from which it gets its name.   It is not strictly classed as a natural migratory island because the Academy controls its movement using wind magic and technological propulsion aides.  

Preparing to rise

Academy Island began to rise from Zendu field thousands of years ago at a slow and steady rate. Scholars from the College of Goldbrook had been monitoring the "new hill" for decades and made plans to relocate their entire campus there in order to be the first and only academy with their own floating island.   The preparations would not have been possible if it weren't for the sheer size of the emerging island. They spent all of their favours and savings hiring engineers and skilled workers to transport all of the materials they would need onto the site and started building the foundations.   Gargantuan anchor points were fixed deep into the rock on different sides of the island so that they could tether it with giant chains as it rose inch by inch every day.  

Unsteady construction

It was a feat of engineering and architectural wonder to build the campus on an unsteady and moving terrain, balancing aides and magic were used at every step of the construction to make sure everything was sound and secure.

A hole lot to discover

When the island was ceremoniously released from its tethering chains to rise up into the sky and start travelling, the giant hole it left behind was walled off and became a stationary resarch point for students studying geoferric magic.

Towers that turn

The reinforced structures move with the island and the streamlined towers can be rotated to cut through the clouds or push against the wind as needed, though they weren't put to use until several decades later when the slack of the island chains were loosened.   Being able to turn the towers to track celestial movements in the night sky has proven useful for both navigation and study.

"How do I steer this thing?"

Students learn equal shares of heat magic and cold magic under guidance of instructors to assist in the altitude control of the entire island.   Heat causes the gasses trapped within the rock to expand, allowing the academy to rise. Casting cold magic condenses the gasses into liquid which makes the island sink. The temperature is maintained on a daily basis to account for midday heat and night time temperatures, as well as changes in seasonal temperature.   A group effort is required so that the temperature is applied with an even balance throughout to prevent tiltling.  
These are the origins of the terms: "heat UP" and "cool DOWN" - remember them well!
— A tutor instructing a new class
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Arcane Island
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