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Geoferric Magic

The school of magic encompassing rock magic and metal magic spells and abilities.

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Who the hell is Geoffrey and why does he have his own magic named after him?? Oh... GEO-FERRIC... Woops!
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Geoferric magic is the overarching term (often called a school of magic) relating to earth magic and metal magic, and its name stems from the root words: geo-, meaning earth and rock, and ferric, relating to ferrous metals like iron (though metal magic is a part of all metals, not just ferrous ones).   Every building, sculpture, and road has had some influence of earth magic used as part of its creation, and the pots and pans you cook with or the tools on your belt were all artfully made with the help of metal magic. Some professions such as chefs, blacksmiths, and ironmongers have learnt to use pyrolumic magic to finely control the temperature of the metals they work with in their craft.
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