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Aquaboreal Magic

The school of magic encompassing water magic and root magic spells and abilities.

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Aquaboreal magic is the overarching term (often called a school of magic) relating to water magic and root magic, and its name stems from the core words: aqua-, meaning water, and -boreal, relating to trees (though root magic is a part of all plant and fungal life).   Arbin folk are often associated with this school of magic due to their arboreal architecture. Their ancestors used root magic is used to influence how trees develop, forming living structures that grow to accommodate their families.   Renzar folk are also frequently associated with aquaboreal magic due to their natural proficiency in water, often manipulating currents to aid in propulsion of sailing vessels or even diverting water to make way for the construction of new bridges and dams.   Aquaboreal magic isn't exclusive to these folk, and not all of them have continued their ancestral traditions.
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