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Crumble-Cup League

A guild of wholesome folks with a friendly competitive spirit and healthy attitude towards loss.

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In it to wing it

The Crumble-Cup League prides themselves in their positive attitude and freindly competitive spirit. Their life mission is to participate in as many challenges and competitions that they can in any given field: sports, hobbies, work performance, personal skills, anything!  

Brain training

Aside from the fun factor and making new friends, the focus of the guild is on mental attitude. Members are still encouraged to do their best and strive for success, but great care is taken to understand their motivations and unpack their goals so that they're not leading towards unrealistic expectations or burnout.   As such, there are no achievements of merit, badges, or patches to work towards like many other guilds have. The Crumble-Cup League believes that the enjoyment of doing the thing should be the reward itself, not the shiny thing or the sweet treat at the end - otherwise you condition yourself to only achieve your best when there's an appealing reward waiting for you.  


Their teachings are designed to carry over into all aspects of daily life, from boring chores, challenging career progression, or motivation and self discipline for personal skill development and habit-building.   Group and self reflection is a massive part of being a Crumble-Cup member. Trained coaches and therapists help members to identify the root of their feelings and teach everyone ways of processing feelings relating to worthiness and self-esteem.   Members are encouraged to always try new things and have a go with every challenge (fun or otherwise) that comes their way!
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