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A kind renzar woman with a mission to document all kinds of scented flora in the world.

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  Gem is a middle aged renzar woman who is flamboyantly gay and has a lot of empathy for other living beings. She loves all things pleasant-smelling and is the leader of the local Foragers' Guild where she organises events for gathering wild herbs, mushrooms, edible plants, berries, and roots. She loves to smell what other people in her group cook up with their foraged ingredients!   She often comes back with colourful flowers for arranging and making into perfumes, soaps, and candles. Their partner is a baker and their home always smells amazing. She loves making scented gifts for her friends and family and uses magic to enhance her craft.     She wants to learn all about the flora and plantlife in the world and is taking her trade to the road, running workshops and selling scented stuff from her wagon. It was a brave and daring choice, but her partner supported her decision and need for adventure. To ease her worries, she's travelling with some other likeminded folks along the way who are looking to do some field research into other areas of nature.   She met Bubb when the Birds & Bones Association was doing a walk and their paths crossed.   They all stopped by the wagon and did a lot of nice trade in trinkets and tales. Bubb had the best of both and wanted to join Gem on a life of adventure on the road, at least for a month or two. Bubb's guardian obliged and let him come with her, and she's like his gay auntie that keeps all the best secrets and gossip.   They teach each other new magic skills as they go adventuring, and Bubb explains why he's so eager to go proper dungeon-delving and learn more about the Jindo's secrets (he wants to learn how to make better prosthetics and wants to salvage a "living" construct to see how it's made). He's very curious about the world, and so is Gem. They make a good team and Gem is able to keep him in check and knock some sense into him without sour disagreements.
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Dec 13, 2023 16:27 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love Gem too. I bet she smells amazing when she's done making all those perfumes and soaps.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 13, 2023 17:53 by TJ Trewin

Yusss - she's the type of person who raises the spirits of even just random people she passes by just because she always smells so nice!

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