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The mysterious folk who all vanished at once using magic during the Great Betrayal.

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The mysteries of the jindo are still a hotly debated topic across the globe. They suddenly vanished during the Great Betrayal, but how did they disappear all at once? How long had they planned this? But most importantly, where did they go?   The jindo were the only ones who had unlocked the secrets of setting magic in place through enchantments. Wonders such as the likes of magical wards and traps still secure their crumbling ruins and their "living constructs" somehow maintain their patrols to this day, making any attempts to procure troves of enchanted artifacts a dangerous and deadly affair.   Many guilds and societies, such as the Museum of Mysteries and the Academy of Arcane Sciences seek answers and clues to their disappearence, hoping to learn or rediscover the secrets that vanished with them.   Some theorise that they became invisible and went into hiding. Others claim they transcended to some other plane of existence. Maybe they're all underground, maybe they all went to the moon. Maybe they shrank to be smaller than ants - who knows? Conspiracy theories vary from town to town, each with their own spin on local legends and noteworthy "clues".
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