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Magical jindo surveillance that still watch over their ruins, alerting other constructs to intruders.

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Before their disappearance, the jindo were known for their ability to imbue static things with magic, and one of their most impressive uses of this was to create "living" constructs.   Some mechanical constructs acted as servants or workers, performing predetermined routes and activities, others were designed with violence in mind to deter and defend against intruders. The observants (or, observational servants) seem to have been created to alert and inform other constructs in their vicinity. How such things are able to communicate silently with one another is unknown, and scholars from the Academy of Arcane Sciences and the Museum of Mysteries are trying to unravel their secrets.   Some observants are large and prominently placed - a clear warning sign for adventurers seeking an early grave. The constructs have a big crystalline lens that is sometimes included in an ornate, animal-like casing, and it's been proven that the observants watch through these mechanical "eyes". Some even have moving parts that turn, appearing to scan the area for threats or changes.   Other observants have been discovered tucked away in hard-to-see places and unlikely circumstances and are much smaller than the deterrant ones that are often found in entryways to jindo architecture.
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