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Disappearance of the jindo

Theories as to how the jindo all vanished at once, and rumours of where they went.

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During the terrible war of the Great Betrayal, the entire population of jindo completely vanished all at once. It's clear that magic was involved in some way as no bodies were left behind, but nobody knows how they achieved such a huge, synchronised feat - or where they possibly went.   Only their wards and living constructs remain to guard their ruins, and scholars from the Academy of Arcane Sciences and the Museum of Mysteries hire armed professionals to help delve into these ruins to uncover secrets and lost enchanted artifacts.   The race is on to find out what happened, and also to learn the jindo's expert secrets of magic so that all folks can learn how to imbue items with magic.   Some folks think that the jindo transcended to some other plane of existence, others think they simply turned invisible or maybe really really small. Each culture has their own bizarre conspiracy theories as to where they went, yet no-one seems to be any closer to finding them.
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