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Great Betrayal

The war in Zendu that sparked the sudden and mysterious disappearence of the jindo.

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Long ago, the rulers of Zendu and the surrounding countries were doing great trade with the jindo, exchanging food, goods, and coin exchange for their ability to enchant items and weapons with magic using their secret knowledge.   People became greedy. Greed led to anger when the jindo refused to share their knowledge of magic. It lead to a terrible turn of events in which nations would feign friendship and continue buying enchanted weapons for their armies, only to turn on the jindo and use their powerful tools against them.   During this great betrayal, as the war is now known as, all of the jindo suddenly vanished - taking their secrets with them. Nobody knows how they achieved this or even where they went. The soldiers ransacked their cities and towns in search of any scraps of knowledge or remaining enchanted artifacts, and their ruins can be seen everywhere. Some are still guarded by magical wards and traps or patrolled by the jindo's "living" constructs.   With the jindo gone, the value of artifacts has risen beyond imagination - particularly for guilds like Museum of Mysteries and Academy of Arcane Sciences who seek to rediscover their lost magical arts.
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Jan 2, 2024 02:42 by Melissa

The disappearance of the jindo is quite fun to contemplate. How did they all leave at once? It must have been a difficult decision for them to leave their home. Where did they all go? I found the Museum of Mysteries to be an interesting concept as well. I like that the people left behind marvel at the magics that the jindo once wielded and ponder how to recreate those amazing feats of magic.  

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Mar 19, 2024 17:29 by TJ Trewin

Thank you!

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