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Located in the upper parts on the safe turn of the river Láita is the oldest part of the city of Tæn — the capital city of the Sáveni. It now forms an independent district and the seat of power, housing most of the important schools of the Arts of Tanitris.

Short history

The settlement itself was built a long time ago as an outpost for the Tænian explorers looking for minerals, ores and precious metals. This story is shared by many of the nearby villages. What made it different for Sneamhraidh was the close proximity to the valley of the river Láita and subsequently to the Coire àrd, which encouraged explorers to venture to it, in prospect of gaining fortune. The openness to the outside world could still be seen with the two trading routes created a long while ago.


Increasing significance

After hundreds of years, the village worked in a steady but slow pace towards the better. Then, after the Flooding destroyed the Topaz Cavern and submerged the religious site underground, the Tæns united and left Gáláwá, mass-migrating to Sneamhraidh and building around the initial settlement. With the Tæns natural curiosity and openness came an invitation to all members of the Gathering. After a while it was proposed that the new ritual site be created in the Tænian Mountains, somewhere near Sneamhraidh. With a strong opposition of the Weavers of Symmetry from Gáláwá, the final decision was postponed for several seasons, until reluctantly, even they agreed.

Today — the capital of capitals

Nowadays, Sneamhraidh is sometimes called the capital of capitals. After the initial inflow of intellectual elites and becoming the new religious center, the village slowly became a town and then gaining the power of the new capital of the Sáveni. A great portion of luxury goods trade goes through this district first and it is on this market that the highest quality crystals, ores and exotic matter such as Còn arbhair is sold for local coin or exchanged for other goods.



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