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Coire àrd

High corrie is the name given to the rocky formation in the South-Eastern part of the Tænian Mountain Range. The place was once home to a glacier of which only the large cirque or corrie is now left, along with a small lake and a handful of small streams.


Half a day's walk up the stream Láita , starting from the mouth near the capital city of Tæn, then up to several hours up the stream Luath.

Endemic species

Coire àrd is known to be a home for a handful of species of animals and plants, characteristic only to this particular region.


  • Pine beetle — a small black bug feeding on the Mountain shrub pine; now considered extinct.
  • Mountain jay — a small bird feeding on worms and caterpillars, particularly on the caterpillars of the Moon moths.
  • Moon moth — a butterfly, improperly called a moth for its shaggy shape, similar to that of a moth; it has a pair of cream-white crescent on each of the wings, giving the impression of a waning (or waxing) moon
  • Flora

  • Mountain shrub pine — a small coniferous bush, resembling a low-profile pine tree with dark green needles and purple-yellow pine cones; once harvested for culinary purposes.
  • Northern grass — a sub-species of a @moun found in Gáláwan mountains; grows only on the northern slope of the corrie.
  • Known for

    The lake is home to Brook trout and Brown trout, which visit the lake seasonally. Some time ago it was also known as a place for harvesting the withered branches of the Mountain shrub pine, which were considered a regional spice and a delicacy. The place is cold and windy throughout the year and the snow was known to maintain even deep into the summer. In some years the weather conditions are too dangerous to attempt reaching the corrie and avalanches have claimed many lives, leaving a visible mark on the landscape as a reminder.


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