Sharp mind

Upon a time there was a girl,
Whose words were playful as a harp,
Her thoughts were dancing with a swirl,
Her mind was blade; and it was sharp.
  She wandered off and far, and wide,
To make a life worth of a queen,
But though she rode a fearsome tide,
Her wisdom was that of a teen.
  In Ædean realm she saw the wind
And took a liking to its power --
The Æter felt as next of kin
Or friend in need when strikes the hour.
  The time has felt so ever slow
She asked if they could share their power
The Æter answered: yes and no,
And strangely mixed the joy with lour.
  The time has felt so ever right
She took a bold and thoughtless step,
And stole the highest of the heights
But in that move forgot the Depth.
  In highest feelings, filled with might
She breathed the concepts like the air,
The bliss replaced the shapeless fright.
And to all else she showed no care.
  Her words now played the highest tunes,
The brightest of the brightest lights
But Æter's were the blighty dunes
And deepest shadows of the nights.
  She reached the highest of the heights
And saw up from the greatest peak,
A thousand others in the night.
Her light was not all that unique.
  Her grasp was firm on what she seemed,
On how to reach the greatest goal.
And she, as youth, has never dreamed
That view would make her feel so small.
  She wandered off too far, and wide,
Her pride close to that of a queen,
The fear and caution stepped aside,
And with that she was never seen.
  There was a girl a time upon,
Whose words were playful as a harp,
Her thoughts are dancing with the wind,
Her mind was blade, but now it's gone.


Author's Notes

There's a good chance this poem will eventually be part of a larger set within the world. Inspired by all the stupid and careless things I and my friends did when we were young and felt our vision of the world was unique. On retrospection the world felt so simple when ambiguity was nip in the bud by the fiery soul, while in reality it often boils down to "it depends".

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Oct 16, 2023 11:25 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a sad poem, but I really like it.   'Her wisdom was that of a teen.' This made me laugh though. Relatable. XD

Oct 25, 2023 20:11 by Angantyr

I remember the feeling very vividly as well. :D Still am sometimes.

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