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Red Venturers

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when, or how, this mercenary company came into being. Its leaders were a long-ago part of the Horde’s military, though show no desire to return to the rank and file of life as a soldier. Instead, they show their love and loyalty to the Horde in their own manner - using their freedom of movement to not only support the Horde during wartime but also offering a hand up to those who needed it the most; as well as a purpose to the formally overlooked and misfit types that now wear the Red Sunrise-emblem with pride.  


The Red Venturers are a Horde-loyal mercenary company, made up of what can be 'affectionately' referred to as misfits, eccentrics, and the thoroughly mad. Operating from the capital city of Orgrimmar, they are dedicated to preserving and expanding the Horde's values for its people; and so they sell their services to various armies and organizations within the Horde, as well as continue to see to occasional civilian or home-based needs. Their loyalty to the Horde is paramount, and so unlike some other groups that may bend their loyalties to the job, the Red Venturers will strive to bring no benefit to the hated Grand Alliance.   The company owes much of itself to the ethos of the adventuring troupes it was originally conceived to be, and while it presses further into the wilds of mercenary life, the members of the Red Venturers do not forget their desire and push to ultimately be a force of good for and to the Horde. They just have no qualms with accepting the monetary rewards for doing it.  


The Red Venturers' history is difficult to pin down. The group has existed for longer than maybe assumed, albeit in a much smaller form, but since furthering its reach and solidifying its position as a mercenary company of passable worth, they've finally managed to become a force whose name is not always returned with, “Which one is that again.” A particular boost to their position and notoriety came during the Fourth War; tentatively unsure of where to position themselves, they stayed out of the politics until granting their aid to campaigns as lead by the then Stygian Legion. Formally given an offer to remain with the Legion as one of the mercenary units officially on the books, and so granted better protection and rights, they have clung to the Legion in whatever form it may take on; with the flight of the former Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, they re-dedicated themselves to the Saurfang Legion, remaining steadfast in their loyalty and connection to the Horde however it may evolve.  

Its people and values

The Red Venturers are made up of members of the great and varied races that owe themselves to the Horde. Those that join the company all agree that it is the unity of these many people that brings it greater strength. Perhaps ironically, it is indeed this melting pot of people that have kept it resolute in its hostility for the Alliance so long as it stands as it does; a mix of perspectives and histories all meet to one common thread – the Alliance is a threat that can not be overlooked or underestimated, whether they be active or dormant.   However, despite outward appearances, the company is not made up entirely of fools. The truce, at current, remains honored in as far as the Horde Council decrees, with the Venturers taking on a stance of “very eager self-defense” before, in their eyes, the next inevitable faction clash when the truce is made void.  


Leadership within the company is simple and unrigid. It is officially lead by the Death Knight Lakvanoy Clawtotem; who oversees all the Venturers movements and needs as best she is capable while juggling obligation to her former comrades of the Ebon Blade. The well-being and success of the company clearly remain greatly important to her, and so she trusts her representatives to connect and guide.   Watrus, Khaltarr, and now additionally Sylvare Sunstrike make up these chosen to keep the Venturers always forward.   Despite the presence of a needed hierarchy, it is not truly regarded as officially a leadership or ranking as might be seen in military command. The Red Venturers works best when its members can rely and trust on each other, and comparisons to them being more of a found family than a rigid and emotionless unit abound. Whatever risks this might bring are far outweighed by the camaraderie and genuine friendship that permeates the company at the root.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Training Level
Veterancy Level
  • Lakvanoy Clawtotem
  • Watrus
  • Khaltarr
  • Sylvare Sunstrike
Status: Active
Headquarters: Orgrimmar
Affiliation: Horde


Ebon Onslaught and the Red Venturers have shared common goals in the past. Though their ultimate wants are different, their respect for each other is slowly growing.


Useful mercenaries can be utilized to great effect.


From what times they've worked together, there has been no bad blood, and they are the rare mercenaries that the Stampede would trust.


The Highblood Myrmidons frown upon a mercenary's practices, guided by principles of duty to one's nation. They see the motivation of a mercenary distasteful and the elves that work under its firm instead of dedicating themselves to their kingdoms, as little better than rabble. That being said, they begrudgingly recognize the aid the mercenaries of Red Venturers have provided to the Horde's recent conflicts.


Not much contact, though their nature as mercenaries makes them untrustworthy in the Oronaari's eyes


Mercenaries and HORDE, this group of sellswords is a living incarnation of what the King’s Cudgel dislikes.

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