WorldEmber from a GM's perspective

For WorldEmber, I want to focus on building my world for my Pathfinder campaign. My campaign is currently ongoing, and as my players travel, I have to continuously keep creating the world around them, so I think this is a good opportunity to do so. I also have to create the plots, of course. I have been struggling with organization and the best way to present the information I'll later need during my session, so I am using WorldEmber as an opportunity: an opportunity to improve my plots and my organization.
The peer-pressure (the good kind) will make me strive for the best and most readable format, and I may get good tips or ideas along the way (either on the plot or the organization). I also think that making visible the "behind the scenes" GM side of things may help others by seeing how other GMs prep for their sessions. I know I have found it useful when others share their session prep notes!

Campaign Background

My three players will likely be travelling to the First World (aka: feywild) in December, so I have lots to plan and build for that. A couple of sessions ago one of my players did a card reading for some liminal sprites and now he's coming to realize that he may have altered their course/destiny a bit too much.   All while continuing in their quest to travel upriver to find a thunderbird and convince the creature to come to live in Pertkwugo and protect it, like some of their ancestors did.
The characters

Race: Grippli; Class: Blind juju oracle (5)

Race: Catfolk; Class: Monk (5)

Race: Tengu; Class: Rogue (4) & Alchemist (1)


The plan

Below is a list of my plans and the estimated word count. I have based this on previous articles of that type that I have written for my campaign. As the month progresses, I will add a link to each article.  

Plot for session 16

On December 5th I need to have created a plot to continue my group's adventures. Given their current plans, my work will most likely involve creating parts of the First World, their inhabitants, and some encounters for them to have fun and/or be challenged by.

Word estimate: 1.000

Sub-plots & necessary details (16)

My plot articles generally have at least one and up to five sub-plots (which may not be ideal, I'm still learning). While the plots allow me to have a broad overview of what's happening in a session and in the world, my sub-plots go into detail into any of the many things my players may get up to.

Word estimate: 1.000-3.000

Plot for session 17

Hard to predict! It will most likely be more First World, or, back to the Material Plane to travel to the city of Gongon, where the players are hoping to find an upgrade to their bark canoe.

Word estimate: 1.000

Sub-plots & necessary details (17)

I like to prepare extensively, so normally my plots articles "lay the ground", and my sub-plots go into detail into any of the many things my players may get up to.

Word estimate: 1.000-3.000

Beyond session 18

By the end of December, my players will have played session 16 & 17, and I will have to plan for what's next. That means another plot article, to be played in 2021!

Word estimate: 1.000

First World City

I want to create one mystical, magical, and special city where the players will get a glimpse of the marvellous, wonky, and weird place they have found themselves in.

Word estimate: 750-1.250

First World City Inhabitants

A city is nothing without its inhabitants. I will create a few NPCs to flesh out the city and as potential encounter material.

Word estimate: 500

Gongon's magical bark canoes

The village of Gongon was created during SC2020 as a major trading village. My players are going to get a magical canoe, so I will have to build the specs for it, as well as, the people and customs surrounding the canoe trade.

Word estimate: 500

Dwarven heirloom chest

I would like to develop this idea for a random encounter I had, mostly from a worldbuilding perspective. But it will also allow me to answer any Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (local) questions that my players may have once I present them with this encounter.

Word estimate: 500-750

Oceasile's alchemical ingredients

A player of mine just multiclassed into an alchemist, and they want to harvest all things! I need to create things for them to forage, harvest, and salvage.

Word estimate: 500-1.000


I have a player who receives visions on a regular basis from their mysterious deity. They have not received a vision in a while, so I need to change that.

Word estimate: 500

Articles under WorldEmber from a GM's perspective


Author's Notes

All images are sourced from pixabay, pexels, or unsplash unless credited otherwise.

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Exciting stuff here! I really love that some of your article content is stuff tailored to your players and the experiences they are having directly.

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Thanks! While I create the world according to my previous ideas & meta, I do try and create as much stuff as possible that is relevant or directly tied to my players. They all seem to enjoy it :D

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You did a great job, and I loved to read all the articles!

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