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Mon 13th Mar 2023 12:11

Written By Flashlight in a Dark Room

by Vesper Noria

Dossier on Paramar, picture of padmini, hema, nervaan, kaliyan. Number of potential crimes they think we're involved in, most correct. Have documentation of the bombing. One picture of Esha and Nirvan outside the apartment area. Detailed expose of Nervan. Keeping track of the efforts to get rid of Paramars. Military took over investigation, bomb fragments show that the bomb was meant to be loud and appear worse than it was.
Section on the Tuli, couple of decades older. Info on old members, tracking crime scenes. The last boss of the Tuli family, Mirish Mendis is missing, they think he fled the country. Had been killed by Nirvaan and Esha. Rahul and Nirmal, military lost track of. Fled north into Electrinai. Unless something happened, could still be alive.
Security contracts; when the airbase started being constructed. They hired people to be undercover in the city. An investigation was approved three months ago.
The Kovar family had similiar dossiers. The notes of the death of Amar. Vimal spent time outside of the country. Known to associate with other crime families from outside countries. He handled the drugs and smuggling. Investigation on them is more complete than Paramars, goes up to Amar's death. Tense relations in the family, couple members in the family against Vimal. Might be a coup attempt.