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Sun 4th Jun 2023 11:13

Vesper's Corkboard

by Vesper Noria

"Now, let's talk about Padmini's mom. Can we talk about the line of succession? Please, guys, I've been dying to talk about my conspiracies all day."
Vesper isn't told the details about Padmini's mom, the only known family member of Padmini. There could be some half-siblings that we don't know about. The Inner Circle is the only people that stand to gain if Padmini dies within the family. They spend the day getting the head to a cleric to ask five questions. Ratchet is an agent separate, but working with the military. He has gotten more results than anyone else. Ratchet wasn't able to fully infiltrate the Paramar family, no narcs probably. He had to do most of the work himself. He has his own people who work for him and have strong loyalty, isn't impulsive or rash. He has a hideout somewhere. He won't be there himself for the attack against the Kovar family, likely that he is using the police as a proxy.
Return back to Padmini; she had spoken to Koskin and Vimal. Vimal's plan is to have us stationed while he has his meeting and rids himself of his moles. This is likely to be where the military are planning on moving against him. Lak will be disguised as Padmini. Vesper will call Koskin to see if he can join the swat team, it would be nice if we had someone that would learn there plan before they execute it.