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Mon 16th Jan 2023 03:23

Session 1

by Vesper Noria

Begin with the procession of the funeral. congregating at the wake, Vincente is approached by the lawyer to speak with Padmini. The party is invited as well. Padmini is worried because a "friendly" family did not send any respect, no flowers or representatives. Amar Kovar is the leader and asked to go to check out Amar's favorite bar. Padmini's driver, Mohan, gives them a ride to the bar.
Vesper notices all the lights are off, only one door. Mohan drops them off a block down, they approach the bar. Red stain on the bar and the barstool tipped over. They enter the bar and find bad guys in a back room. Fire is started, and the bad guys are afraid of Esha and Vincente. The party proceeds to take them out. They coerce one into telling them to surrender and say who sent them. He doesn't know who they were, had money, and told them to wait inside and kill anyone who entered. Vesper discovers the office in the other room, two people murdered. Hot mustache guy gives descriptions, four guys(yuan-ti) average looking. Didn't appear to be gang members, maybe from out of town. Looked professional. Vesper searches the office, the bar was laundering money out but doesn't notice anything sticking out. Vesper sneaks a copy of Amar's handwriting for Padmini. Received word from Padmini that Vimal should be given these two guys, Vimal is next in line for the Kovar family. Mohan should know where to go. Esha finds a hand-scrawled note that Vesper didn't find, "Thanks for the help -Tuli" (Tuli were wiped out 14 years ago, fucked up Nirvan.) The bad guys were to pick up their money tonight at a fountain near Padmini's and Vesper's apartments.
Talk about when everyone joined the family. Esha is the eldest and has been in the family the longest. Vincent was adopted in the family when he was 8. Vesper had been an apprentice for Kazamir first when she was 12, a young angsty, and quiet teen. Started working closely with Padmini after her father died. Alistor is a relatively new hire for the family.
Vicente exits the car with a bad guy to get the money. They wait in the car, Vesper spots one of the perpetrators watching them enter the park. She points him out to Esha and then dips from the car. The guy moves behind a tree and then a flash of light. Vesper easily sneaks over there, the man is gone and there is only a scorch mark where he had been. Vesper waits then stays parallel with Vicente to help him.
Visit Vimal and hand over the bad men. The front desk guy is rude to Vicente, Vimal is shocked about this. Relay to him what happened and give him his father's money clip for proof. They leave with hopefully a little bit of goodwill from him. Tell him about the Tuli family and descriptions of them.
They leave and head back to Padmini. AND that's the end of Session 1!