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Mon 23rd Jan 2023 03:07

Session 2

by Vesper Noria

We had left for Padmini's last session, Mohan the hottie drives us back, locks up the car then heads back. Padmini is waiting in the parlor room, the wake is getting cleaned up. The party looks beat and bloodied, and Vicente's suit had to be repaired by Alistor. Have a short conversation about what happened, and plan to meet up at The Kestrel tomorrow. Vesper asks about the Tuli family before we leave. They worked with the Kovar family, and maybe had been double-crossed by them. They separate for a short rest.
Esha has a date with her plant husband, Alistor hits up Zander, Vicente gets his suit cleaned presumably, and Vesper goes home and checks in with her family. Esha and Vesper are there hours earlier, Esha cause she runs the place and Vesper cause she's already in a four hours shift at the bar. Vicente gets there an hour and a half early to secure the place and scope out. Alistor is the only one that arrives at the designated time.
During the conversation: Vesper notices Laila, a worker at the Kestrel, and Sunil, a guard for Vicente, they come to the table to tell us. They are arguing about who should get to go first. Vesper says, "Ladies first." Then winks at Sunil, he is very confused by it. Leila tells the group, a customer Shiman that always comes early before his shift. He told her about a big shipment he is going to be helping with at the docks. Lots of military guys watching over, someone important to impress. Sunil had gotten word about military brass dressed up real nice and formally, loaded up in a truck, then headed out of town. Last Sunil had checked they had gone to the grasslands outside the city, where the city hadn't expanded yet. A brief lesson in geography, acab, and Mahid's dictatorship. There is no previous connection between the military and the Tuli family. Padmini is trying to look into it. All of the top members of the Tuli family had been killed, maybe a few escaped who were unknown.
Vesper and Vicente plan to go stake out the docks, Alistor and Esha come with. Vesper splits from the group to stealth on the rooftops as they approach. The three speak with a worker of the dock master, Vicente greases palms. They search through the logs of tonight's imports, Vicente finds one that is marked Dawn Class. Think is a tanker, a large shipping boat, it is carrying Dawn Class. Alistor walks off. Vesper rejoins the group, they share what they learned. Vesper had spotted the boat at her vantage point. She breaks away to watch them unload. An airplane gets unloaded from the boat to a truck. It has a different design than usual (monoplane, multiple guns, presumably the Dawn Class). Vesper sees in a small script at the tail end, the word Dawn is on it. Painted navy blue and white. Twenty of the planes.
They speak with Padmini. The military must be preparing for war, they have brought the planes to outside Sindwargi to train with them. There's no airport near here. Mulia State is so far inland that it would be kept quiet from outside forces. Vicente's men come back, everyone is to keep a wide berth and the girls are to keep an ear out. They saw the military start to set up for the planes, creating an airstrip or something. In the meantime, everyone should lie low and keep quiet until we know more.
Alistor goes to The Sunny Oracle to get them to follow this story, he wins over his boss. He can look into it for the newspaper and his boss is going to make calls to get him in. He tells Zander everything. His boss sets up an interview for him, partial interview at the building and then at the airfield.
Vesper spends the day wandering the city after checking in on her uncle and sister at the clinic. She spies on Vicente helping at an orphanage run by a church, delivering groceries and promising to bring more next time. Vesper knows his background and files this away in her memory. She listens to some of the grunts in the Kovar territory, the funeral is in a week for Amar Koval. When vesper returns to the apartments, she spots a man walking away from Padmini's door. Having just left a box on her doorstep, when the man makes eye contact with Vesper, he takes off running. Vesper chases after him, pulling out her fargab to tell Vicente to get Padmini out of the apartment, there's a box at her door, and she's in pursuit of the guy who did it. Vicente and Padmini exit through the back fire escape. Then the bomb went off.