One in a Million: Legacies and Fates

A Heroes Unlimited game In the world of Earth-8419
16-04-2021 | Looking for Players

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Supporting Cast
  • Lord Aeren the Sky-King
    Leader of the Reconciliation faction of the mutant underground in South Florida
  • Cid Abernathy
    An engineer in later days, desperately salvaging the world for tomorrow's youth
  • Peter Powers
    The eldest sibling of Star Hawk, Peter was the darling child of John and Teresa Powers, excelling academically from an early age. [br] [br] 35 years old
  • Doctor Trisha Yearwood
    Laboratory Medical Advisor, assigned by SHIELD to act as liaison between former test subjects and the agency
  • Valentine Powers
    The middle child of the Powers' house-hold, where her older brother excelled academically,, Valentine was a phenomenal athlete, dancer, and all-around physically active person. currently 33 years old
  • Colonel William Landis
    Former commanding officer for Star Hawk, currently in charge of Orbital patrols in the SE US

Scheduled Sessions

Fri 14th May 2021 21:00

S3:E3 - In the Wake of Terror

Following the terrorist attack in Downtown Miami, groups all over the city are on edge. For the metahuman communities, reprisals are sure to come as vigilantes and law enforcement alike scour the streets for leads on those responsible. Meanwhile, with the deaths or disappearances of many of the area's heroes, new forces are making their move to grab new territory.

Fri 30th April 2021 21:00

S3:E2 - The Beginning (Part 2)

Fires rage and chaos reigns as Downtown Miami erupts in terror. The Heralds of the apocalypse have mustered a small army fo super-powered individuals to assault the Trident. Their targets include not only the people and businesses that call it home, but the grand gala at it's peak . . . .

Fri 16th April 2021 21:00

S3:E1 - The Beginning (Part 1)

As night falls on South Florida, forces gather. for some, it is a night to strider forth and show their power to the world. for others, it will be their last night to gather at all . . . . .