Power Categories

The Classes/Power Categories, including any modifications or restrictions.   Classes/Categories in red are unavailable for PCs, but may be encountered as NPCs, both supporting and adversarial. Green indicates probationary rules/still in testing   Aliens: Power Weapons (Energy Melee weapons that can also fire a ranged energy attack) use their normal WP for Melee, and either Energy Pistol or Energy Rifle for the ranged attack, depending on if they are 1- or 2-handed weapons. Alien characters are advised to use the Skill programs presented in AU:GG for their skills; Each one counts as two Program selections. Aliens are free to take the additional skills available to them listed in the program as their entire skill set, if so desired.
  • Mutant: Unless otherwise noted, the abilities gained via mutation will override/replace those that may be naturally occurring in your race.
  • Natural Abilities: the selections you make apply to all members of your race, though 1 or two generalizations can be made, such as "an energy expulsion power" or "an APS of some sort" rather than your specific selection.
  • Hardware/Physical Training: Hardware characters see the penalties for energy weapons creation/modification reduced by half. Physical Training characters may pick melee weapons from the Alien Weapons lists (they tend to favor Power Weapons that can be both charged melee weapons and ranged energy weapons)
  • Psychic: Unless otherwise noted, this implies your entire race is known for it's psychic abilities
  • Experiment: if you choose to roll on Table C in the experiment section, you MUST roll on all the other tables; the other options assume a measured and known modification process that is less disruptive to your physiology.
  • Bionics: Have the option of getting double the budget - to represent the greater availability and advanced systems available from the galactic marketplace BUT, if they choose to do so - their systems are all considered "cutting edge" by earth-standards and will incur severe penalties (and costs) to repair.
  • Mystic: If Mystic Study is selected, the entire races is considered magically aware/trained (though not necessarily to the great extent of the character)
  • Robotics: As normal
Bionics: Systems can be found in the HU2, AU:GG, and N&SS without the need for conversion. Systems found in the Bionics Sourcebook for RIFTS may be used, but may also require modification on price. All book-prices for energy weapons are halved; the technology has caught up quickly, and this reflects their growing usage/more common construction. If the exoskeleton is not reinforced, PS is considered Extraordinary. With reinforcement, it is considered Superhuman.   Empowered: (Testing) Physical Transformations (Demigod, Monster, Lycanthropy) use a different table for selection of the number of super-abilities; use the Super-Soldier table found on page 78 of PU2, re-rolling any result over 70%. Transformations can only last a maximum of 10 minutes per ME point instead of 1 hour per ME.   Eugenics: Use the budgets and prices found in the newest PDF, which range of $3M-$10M   Experiment: If you have an APS, being permanently stuck in that form can also count as the experimental side-effect, either in addition to or in place of another side effect.   Gestalt - Not Allowed for Player Characters   Hardware: Any educational bonus you would get to a Skill program Also applies (gets added to) the skills gained through this class.
  • Analytical Genius: The special, class-exclusive skills have a per-level increase of 5% instead of the given one. All mechanical and Engineering skills may break the 98% limit
  • Electrical Genius: The special, class-exclusive skills have a per-level increase of 5% instead of the given one. All electrical and computer skills may break the 98% limit.  May use starting workspace budget to purchase a Headjack, if desired
  • Mechanical Genius: The special, class-exclusive skills have a per-level increase of 5% instead of the given one. All mechanical and piloting skills may break the 98% limit
  • Weapons Expert: The special, class-exclusive skills have a per-level increase of 5% instead of the given one. All Weapons & armorer skills may break the 98% limit. All combat bonuses that would be applied to ancient weapons can also be applied to modern weapons (i.e. Strike and parry bonuses from PP and H2H, etc)
Imbued: May select up to two bonus skills, based on the nature of the Imbuing agent (Chemistry skills for a chemical concoction, Lore Magic and Demons & Monsters for an arcane ritual or artifact of hellish nature, etc). These skills also come with a +15% education bonus (or the education bonus of the character, whichever is higher)   Immortal - Not allowed for Player Characters   Magic: Spell Selection may include spells from Palladium Fantasy books as well, with the exception of the Spell "Fleet Feet". Those looking for Magical object may want to look at Imbued for more robust alternatives. In all cases, DOUBLE the P.P.E. gained/possessed by the character and/or object
  • Magic Weapon:
  • Magic Object: Spells selected are cast at half-cost (rounded up). If using strictly powers, other options may be the Imbued or even Super-Invention (in this case rune-crafted) categories.
  • Mystic Study: Signature Spells: At each level, the character may select 1 spell as their "Signature" spell. They may cast this at half-cost, and in only a single action regardless of level. If the spell is equal to or lower than their level, they may choose to instead double it's effects, but at having the normal cost.
  • Mystically Bestowed: Spells selected are cast at half-cost (rounded up).
  Mutant: If Continuous mutation (or unstable powers, grows with experience) are selected, a new mutant feature will be gained with every power, but without any bonuses from such.   Mutant Animal: Gain 30 Bio-E, meant to account for purchasing Full Bipedal, Full Speech, and Full Hands; does not HAVE to be spent this way. Use After the Bomb for animal listings, abilities to be purchased, and vestigial traits. The Animal Psionics and Super-Powers options are also available, as per the HU2 book.   Natural Genius - Not Allowed for Player Characters   Physical Training:   Psychics: Additional Psychic powers can be found in PU1, Rifter #25, and NB:BtS   Robotics: Characters may add 1D4x$1,000,000 to their starting budgets. Energy Weapons are half the listed book-price, as the technology has caught up considerably to that found off-planet. Additional options are found in AU:GG. Rail guns (listed in AU:GG) are also available. Unless a reinforced frame is selected, strength is equivalent to Extraordinary PS. With a reinforced frame, it is considered Superhuman. Note that the base SDC that your robot starts with is counted as it's core structural components (analogous to your HP) and damage to that base can also mean damage to systems/components. Added SDC above this base is counted as armor, for repair costs, as well as penetrating hits and other factors.   Special Training:
  • Ancient Martial Artist:
  • Hunter/Vigilante:  Receive the "Find Weakness" Mental power from the Natural Genius Power Category in PU2.
  • Secret Agent: Gets H2H: Commando instead of H2H: Martial Arts; found in RIFTS Ultimate Edition. Special Equipment can also be selected from the Super-Soldier equipment found in PU2, as well as the Enhanced Section section of the Eugenics category (same as the cybernetics; one of the eight selections will give two powers)
  • Stage Magician: Gimmick weapons, items, and wardrobe presented in N&SS can be made/used by the character, assuming the necessary skills are known.
  • Super-Sleuth: If desired, may start with a Headjack at no charge
Super-Invention: The Semi-Professional Athlete and Ordinary Joe education levels receive their indicated skill program (Athletic or Mechanical) in addition to the normal skill programs listed for their education.   Super-Soldier: As a reminder, ALL Super-Soldier types (Powered, Latent Psychic, or any of the other enhancement options) may select 1-4 additional enhancements. If the character lacks the appropriate Weapon Proficiency and/or Piloting Skill for thier special equipment, it is granted free of charge/in additon to their normal skill set.   Symbiote: Symbiotes that have a magical origin are affected just like mystically Bestowed characters when they encounter anti-magic fields or similar phenomena. They can likewise be tracked as if they were actively using magic whenever their powers are in effect to those who can sense such. On the plus side, they are NOT affected by Negate Superpowers, for the same reason.   Weapons Training: Gets a bonus set of skills equal to that gained by the Physical Training character, with the following modifications: Boxing and Wrestling ARE allowed as choices. Weapon Proficiencies CAN be selected by the character, but rather than providing their usual bonuses, they will provide a flat +2 to any action involving them (Strike, Parry, Entangle, etc) above and beyond their general bonuses listed in the class; this is to showcase preferential training for those types of weapons.


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