House Rules: Powers

Minor Powers

  Energy Expulsion: Light - Blinding Flash; there is a Save vs 16, with the only bonuses being a +4 IF the target has bionic or robotic eyes, or is resistant to light. those resistant to light also only suffer half penalties even on a failed save.  

Major Powers

  Teleportation: If using the option of 1 teleport available as a bonus action, once per round, this teleport may be used in conjunction with an attack (changing position a split-second before landing the hit) or an Auto-dodge (all usual bonuses for Auto-Dodge apply, and the character may appear anywhere they could normally teleport as part of the Auto-Dodge)  

Psychic Powers

General: For powers requiring a Trance; the Trance may be maintained while actively taking part in other actions, but may only be applied to one power at a time. So, you may use a power, such as Healing Touch, and still do other things for the next 2 minutes while you are mentally focusing on the power to keep it going (slightly distracted, -2 on all combat rolls, -10% to all skills rolls). The effect is immediate, but if you lose or switch your focus, the benefits are revoked in their entirety (wounds reopen, sleepers are suddenly roused, etc)   Psionic Purge: As per the description, as a Trance time of 1D4 minutes, and accordingly follows the above rules for powers requiring a Trance.   Psychic Diagnosis: Though not specifically stated, this power will also reveal if the person is drugged, poisoned, or otherwise suffering from some toxic exposure, including if they are cursed (tough it will not specify the curse or it's source)   Psychic Surgery: This power now has multiple pre-requisites:  Psychic Diagnosis, Deaden Pain, Healing Touch, Increased Healing, and Lust for Life. Also note that the power will only repair tissue, not regrow it, and excise diseased tissue and foreign contaminates, but cannot correct genetic diseases or fix organs that have already failed/become too badly damaged to be repaired/healed (though they can remove them to prevent the dead tissue from causing further illness). If damaged organs or internal injuries are the result of trauma, psychic surgery can be combined with other healing methods to ensure proper bone setting and recovery, in effect guiding the healing process as if cared for by a professional treatment center.   See Aura: In the case of "A presence of an unusual aberration . . . . .", the psychic can make a Lore skill roll to correctly identify the specific abberation present, such as an alien (and what race, if known), Mutant, Supernatural being (in general, or specifically, if the right Lore is known), etc.   Psi-Sword: May be formed in a single action instead of a full melee round. Weapon may be shaped as desired when first manifested, so long as it is a rigid, one-handed weapon, but will remain that way afterwards (though sizing may increase with level/power, as indicated in the description)   Telekinesis: if directed only with thought, only the bonuses listed with the power are available. if used in conjunction with gestures and movement, the user can also add in their hand to hand and WP bonuses (not PP bonuses).  


General: Spells of levels 1-5 take 1 action to cast, spells of levels 6-10 take 2 actions to cast, and spells of levels 11-15 take 3 actions to cast. Spells of Legend require an entire melee round (15 seconds), possibly longer.


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