These rolls are based on the standard 3D6 per attribute. Unless specifically indicated, modifications to a characters base attributes are considered bonuses/penalties on top of this. If an attribute has a set number added to the roll, that number is added last, after all rolling is made   If the alien race is listed as having more than 3D6 for an attribute, you roll the 3D6 base first (to determine if you get an exceptional attribute, as per Palladium standard rules) before adding anything beyond the 3D6.   If the attribute is LESS than 3D6, and without an accompanying bonus, then the following rules apply for possible exceptional attributes: rolling an 11 or 12 with a base 2D6 allows for a SINGLE bonus D6 to be added. A roll of a 6 on a single 1D6 allows a bonus of a 1D4-1 (giving a range of +0 to +3). All attributes are interchangeable, so long as the base is the same (1D6, 2D6, or 3D6).  As a reminder, this also means that Attributes with greater than 3D6 can still be switched are with 3D6-base attributes, as the extra die/dice are considered bonuses to the base 3D6.   Character Ratings: This is used to set the basis for character creation in a given campaign - how average or exemplary the characters are. This rating is used to make both the PCs and Major NPCs, with lesser characters using lesser grades. the "Average Joe" will always be at the base level, regardless of the Campaign's Character rating  
  • Average: No modification
  • Favored: Re-roll 1's
  • Heroic: Add a bonus die, keeping the best of the standard set
  • Legendary: Add a bonus die, re-roll 1's, and keeping the best of the standard set


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