Welcome to Earth-8419

Earth-8419 a.k.a. the Parsonsverse   This is a recurring setting for the Palladium-published Heroes Unlimited setting. Heroes unlimited 2nd edition (HU2) is the base book/system to be used, along with it's sourcebooks and sourcebooks from other palladium lines (including Rifters 10, 25, and 37, as well as RUE [mostly for skills] ). the setting is the near future of our world - currently some time after 2030. Aliens have recently made contact, meta-humans (Mutants, Experiments, and other powered individuals) have only been recently acknowledge, believed to have only occurred within the last hundred years, and an aquatic race (or multiple, experts are still trying to determine) - called the Atlanteans - have broken their exclusionary policies and announced their presence to the world.   The accompanying Player Handbook    will go over any deviations to the book, as well as determinations made to clear up any misunderstandings. Also, some compilations may be made to make finding items easier, as they can often be spread out and otherwise hidden in the various sources.


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