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Epiphany 1: Starchaser Report

General Summary

Hero work is a skill. It is developed through diligent effort; through trial, and error, and retrial, and redemption. To save the day, our heroes must have the capacity to overcome the challenge --


-- the insight to determine the challenge --


-- the motivation to confront the challenge --


-- and the fortune, good or ill, to encounter the challenge.


In Brooklyn, New York, on what Project: Quantum Leap labels "Earth Prime", a villain's plot is about to acquire the difference between "likely success" and "assured success", all because no sufficiently skilled hero team could encounter this plot in time to interfere.


Sometimes, Destiny cheats.


Five people follow four separate star trails to a single site … where space no longer synchronizes with time!



January 6
Magi's Epiphany

Trenchcoat Epiphany


The Shadow


Agent Chameleon

Sable Shadow

Player Journals
Case of the Psychic's Lament by The Shadow
Sparkles by Tabitha Curtis
Report Date
13 Oct 2023
Primary Location
New York City

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