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Fri 13th Oct 2023 11:56

Case of the Psychic's Lament

by The Shadow

Recently a series of odd shared visions and odd coincidences has rattled psychics along the Northeast region. The events have been interesting but not one that has needed the attention of the Shadow.
At least, not until a mention of the Transcorp building, which was the focus of a breach in the timestream. This brought the events more into focus. If someone is attempting a breach, it would be something for the Shadow's attention.
I left a copy of the notes with Lila to review while I left to meet Psypher to investigate a brownstone with possible supernatural event on Northwest Sackett Street. A potential Class 2 Phantasmal Emission based on the description. There is always an off chance that Summon is in our dimension again as well.
The owners are upset and want documentation for an insurance claim, naturally. They left us the key and departed. Psypher took the upstairs, mostly the attic and upper crawlspaces. I took the basement and lower sections of the brownstone. Typical for these house inspections we've been doing.
I checked the furnace. No squirrels, turtles, and well assembled. By the time I was done, Psypher called for me to join him upstairs.
He tells me that the building is heavily wired, as in for high capacity Wi-Fi. Old copper pipes and even a 'razor hole'. The kind once used for disposal of straight razors. Psypher also tells me about a 'mongolian tinkerbell'. Based on the description, is sounds like a Class 5 Spectral Luminosity... but the Wi-Fi could be interacting with the copper pipes. An excessive magnetic field could cause the sound of 'voices'.
We split up and check around the outside of the house to look for boosted Wi-Fi being used by neighbors and reacting to copper pipes. An energy signature seems to have interacted with the wood, altering the cellulose structure. It doesn't seem constant, but how often?
We lack the quality equipment to check this. But sporadic energy affecting the wood would mean an external source, but possibly drawn to the wiring and copper pipes. If the wiring and copper pipes form a junction, this could act as an antenna. It's something to check.
If true, we could track the energy back to where it's coming from.
The sounds people are hearing, could also be a complicated hypnotic effect. A transmitted mesmerization , or an attempt at it.
We are following the strange lights and that takes us to an area near:
Sackett street
Degraw Street
Van Brunt Street
We find an area with statues and sculptures with a green area behind Degraw Street and ease forward. The lights then move into a small building unexpectedly....

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