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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of CITADEL
1037 | Looking for Players
After sparing a self proclaimed god, the party is left with more questions than answers. Looking for answers, the Ghost Spear, an ancient, unholy artifact soon disappears with an unknown source warning them they have ninety days to find it or else 'Winter will reign'. In their search, all must face their pasts, present and futures and determine not only who, but what they truly are.
The Protagonists
Makatza Durrinsdotter
Level 5 Tiefling N Cleric
(Haunted One)
/ 33 HP

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Ambassador/Barkeep Byris Skylton
    Young sovereign satyl male currently employed by the Temple and the INNtelect Tavern. Acts as both a barkeep and Temple ambassador. Can be called upon for gaining foreign sovereign allies.
  • Delta
    Self imposed as one of the original God Cores. Located in the Hyborean deeps. Theocratic ruler of much of the Empyrean Empire.
  • Scout/Ambassador Guml
    Born deep within the Icebreak Citadel, Guml, a Helsiege, has lived there all of his life as a scout and hunter for his tribe. Currently acting as a middleman between the outside world and his Opmili tribe. Can be called upon for gaining Helsiege allies.
  • Yawk'Mog Chieftan Hasira Yawk'Mog
    Leader of the Icebreak Bay, Yawk'Mog loxodon tribe. Currently trying to unify the loxodon tribes under a single banner. Believes that unity is the next step for loxodon species.
  • INNtelect Librarian/Bay Ferryman Khairok
    A strange creature that has traveled across the Realms. Having an unknown past and an extremely odd temperament, most stay away from Khairok. Currently acts the the resident librarian and loremaster of the INNtelect.
  • Oda Chief Magella Oda
    A dark brown furred woolly Loxodon. Father of several sons and chief of the Oda Tribe, Magella initially was hesitiant to take a side in the conflict, but after Mabwana Wengi proved himself, allied with him. Oda is rarely anything but resolute and values his own above all else.
  • Ex - Sulfur Legionnaire Remus Tasho
    Ex Legionnaire of the Sulfur Legion. Party ally and friend of Makatsa. Inheritor of the Spear of Orthog.


  • Map of South Genoa
    A nearly 10 by 10 mile area map of southern Genoa.
  • Map of Icebreak Bay Map
    Located in the Hyborea, in Highsun, the Icebreak Bay is home to several Old and New Bloods. Contested largely by numerous tribes, organizations and the Empyrean.
  • Map of Unside Fildan Weald Area Map
    A map covering the Fildan Weald as well as several other places in the general area of the Ishuron / Ba'Yurok border area.

Scheduled Sessions

Tue 11th February 2020 19:00

Live and Let...?

Chapter 2, Part 4: After involving themselves with the ongoing conflict between the Oda Tribe and the Indrsk Hive, the party falls deeper into matters largely outside their usual standing. Whether they decide to go all in or try to leave while they can is left to be seen. Additionally, new information is revealed about the Apostate's previous captor.

Sessions Archive

1st Feb 2020

Heart of Worms

Chapter 2, Part 3: With the current plan, the Apostate party seeks to liberate the Oda prisoner of war and bring a swift end to the Oda-Indrsk conflict by any means they see fit.

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25th Jan 2020

Hell or High Water

Chapter 2, Part 2: Released from their prison and brought back together by Fate itself, the remaining party must decide what to do with the information given to them with the time they have left.

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18th Jan 2020

In the Cave of Fortunes

Chapter 2, Part 1: The party, now known as 'the Aposates' to locals, awakens in a strange cave with new allies, enemies and a strange foreshadowing.

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