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Curse of the Unchained

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Cerilia
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This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Albrecht Graben
    The King of Grabentod is Sitting in Brechlen's prison. He is considered a vile pirate.
  • Alice Willow
    A witch who lost her head around the party. Dead. Tortured for information.
  • Ana Ashsword
    Dwarven Guildmaster and Tavern Owner
  • Anita Mill
    New partner of Lord Wade Locktree.
  • Anubis
    A psychopomp
  • Betty
    Innkeeper for the Welcoming Hell-Hound She is a retired adventurer, and often tells stories of distant lands and terrible monsters.
  • Chip Dale
    Works at Brechlen Mage Guild. Master Conjurer.
  • Cindy
    One of Pearl's Mothers. Shy and quiet.
  • Daffodil "Dill"
    A loving partner that is just looking for something to help his cursed betrothed.
  • Ealded
    The innkeeper of The Broken Wand
  • Edlin Wellmore
    The Master Evoker and head of the department at the Mage's Guild. Well... temporary head of department while the actual head is missing.
  • Elaran Shyr
    Master of Evocation at Brechlen Mage Guild. Currently Missing. He was Karl's mentor.
  • Flin Burke
    Works at Brechlen Mage Guild Master of Transmutation
  • High Priestess Fulda Spiritwalker
    The 32-year-old halfling priestess stands 3 feet tall, weighs 52 lbs, and clothes herself in the standard dark dress of her priesthood. Fulda is the High Priestess of √Čla's Suppression of Shadows. A noble by birth, she has been seen the darkness of the world between planes and has vowed to protect this world from it.
  • Ginger
    Works at the Attractive Carrot
  • Good
    Good is a good boy! Good's Master is gone... This made good very sad. But Good found good friends :)
  • Witch Huntress Gwenifier Hart
    A famous witch hunter in Anuire. Her name was also discovered on the back of a fiend, suggesting she may be involved with the Unchained.
  • Harris Airtow
    Lord and Master of Trade for Muden
  • Holly
    Was recently cursed by the witches of willow. Her betrothed looks after her.
  • Jashua Ashsword
    A "Dwarven" lad who runs The Attractive Carrot and A-Carrot (Accurate) Whispers. He looks a little thin to be a dwarf. Ana is his Aunt.
  • Josephine
    Tavern wench for the Attractive Carrot.
  • Lady Justina Heulough
    Justina Heulough is a dangerous opponent, but she doesn't realize her own power. Ruler of the independent state of Pashacht by day and the monster that roams it's lands by night.
  • Keith Dread
    Assistant Treasurer of Brechlen
  • Kraken
    An awnshegh of unknown size that lives in Krakennauricht in the Great Bay.
  • Kurruk
    Kurruk of the Archestuel Mountains. He has two pet Griffin named Phane and Ouranos. A true BFG with an affinity for birds who for the most part avoids contact with others as a solitary individual.
  • Lazar Black
    Dean of Necromancy in Poden
  • Levi Barnes
    Works for Keith Dread as a Private Consultant.
  • Lila
    A homeless child that had been following Lily
  • Mandy
    One of Pearl's Mothers. Defensive and Protective.
  • Mary
    Tavern wench for the Attractive Carrot.
  • Miss Berry
    The receptionist to the University of Poden. She has multiple versions of herself and the control seems to be an innate ability. She is somewhat area of herself in the secert area below Poden, and has had versions of herself wake up there. But the headaches and disorientation caused when they forces her to leave with little desire to return.
  • Nate
    Works for Jashua at the Attractive Carrot. Has been spying on the prince. His older brother went missing.
  • Nicolas Galloway
    He is the Master of the Watch in Brechlen.
  • Pearl
    A young merchild found in a barrel in the middle of the plains
  • Phil
    A halfling that works at the wooden spoon.
  • Raslomov
    A jolly Vos Blacksmith in Brechlen called the Rusty Nail. He's good friends with Karl.
  • High Priestess Rosa Tamsin
    Started out as an urchin and worked her way to the top of the Haelyn church.
  • Sadan Black
    Sadan works closely with his father to preserve life through understanding what comes after
  • Salma Listnem
    High Paladin of Neira, temple of the Sailing Song of Neira Annurian
  • Sam Sparrow
    Works at the Brechlen Mage Guild. Master Abjurer and fancies himself a ladies man.
  • Sasha Macbrick
    Sasha Macbrick is in an arranged marriage to Harris Airtow. Master of Trade and Converse across Muden.
  • Steve Eelwind
    "Dean" of Druidic Arts in Brechlen's Mage Guild
  • Thainary
    The inn keeper at the The Sapphire Thorn.
  • Throri
    The owner of the Bloody Fang Inn.
  • Wade Locktree
    Master of Muden's Navy
  • Wilbert
    A Dwarven Priest of Haelyn.
  • Wima Solidbrook
    Named as in charge of the Sarmeen Unchained group.
  • Xeldarix
    A dangerous individual who is hunting those who dared to imprison her for so long. She is no one's puppet.

Sessions Archive

30th Apr 2023

Session 82: Drowned in the Basement

The whole party rallies together to look at the place of power, starting in the basement.

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23rd Apr 2023

Session 81: A Duel of Seasons

The final days of the festival are in full swing and there is much drama to be had of all kinds.

Read the Report
9th Apr 2023

Session 80: Brawling Beasts!

As the days continues to move on we see more of the festival as Karl finally arrives in the cove of the island of Krakenstaur

Read the Report
3rd Apr 2023

Session 79: Rooftop Rumble

After meeting with the prince the group splits up... once again.

Read the Report
10th Mar 2023

Session 78: The Water Prince

Finally the group has met the Prince of Water and they're sent on a mission to look into a town that went missing overnight.

Read the Report
12th Feb 2023

Session 77: Astral Problems

Lily makes a daring action to save her friends and the group scrabbles to fix the situation.

Read the Report
5th Feb 2023

Session 76: Caves and Cages

The group moves on from clearing caves only to find someone is trying to put them in a cage.

Read the Report
4th Dec 2022

Session 75: Deals and Plans Made

With the General met and an Alliance made the group looks at their next task.

Read the Report
18th Nov 2022

Session 74: Viona Zarr

The group has a meeting with the Pirate General Viona and some devils crash the party.

Read the Report
30th Oct 2022

Session 73: Consequences

The Queen is dead, but the threat is not over.

Read the Report
23rd Oct 2022

Session 72: Long Live the Queen

The group goes down to have a word with the Queen.

Read the Report
2nd Oct 2022

Session 71: Shadows Go Bump In the Night

Read the Report
25th Sep 2022

Session 70: Tiny Problems

Xeldarix and Karl went into the mysterious area after touch the door and return 1 inch tall.

Read the Report
11th Sep 2022

Session 69: The robbery and the intel

Fargrim and Lily try and deal with a rogue monk while Karl tries to do what he can for his monk to ensure she'll be safe.

Read the Report
4th Sep 2022

Session 68: The long road and rescue

The group has a lot of people to help. Sunnis, Simone and Erin. Will it ever end?

Read the Report
10th Jul 2022

Session 67: Stalkers, Mimics and Fiends, oh my!

The group goes to explore more of Hassan's tomb where they find great treasure and great danger.

Read the Report
3rd Jul 2022

Session 66: Banking, Fish and Mold

After surviving another retriever attack, the group does some admin before deciding to go raid a tomb.

Read the Report
5th Jun 2022

Session 65: Playing with Fire

Fargrim and Karl head to the plane of fire while Lily sleeps.

Read the Report
1st Jun 2022

Session 64: Secret Door in the Lair

The group heads back down for one more search of Falak's lair.

Read the Report
26th May 2022

Session 63: Speed Dispelling

The group goes to rescue the fish and meet some new people.

Read the Report
1st May 2022

Session 62: Falak's Lair

The group battles a very old black dragon.

Read the Report
24th Apr 2022

Session 61: Simone Returns to Brechlen

Simone is collected from the temple and taken back to Brechlen to start her recovery.

Read the Report
10th Apr 2022

Session 60: One less Threat

With the Lolth Thieves dead what will the group do now?

Read the Report
27th Mar 2022

Session 59: The Grilled Forge

The group is finally sneaking into the abandoned inn and taking on the Lolth cult!

Read the Report
13th Mar 2022

Session 58: Heaven and Hell Collides

The angels can smell devils... but what are they here for?

Read the Report
13th Feb 2022

Session 57: Robbery Turned Rescue

The group had intended to break into the Lolth Thieves Guild, but that quickly turns into a rescue mission as Xeldarix goes missing.

Read the Report
30th Jan 2022

Session 56: Book Heist and the Aftermath

Something is up with Karl... So Lily and Fargrim plot a heist. Spoilers! It didn't go as planned.

Read the Report
23rd Jan 2022

Session 55: Exploration and Coordination

The group wants to explore more of the pyramid but also wants to get the children of Sunnis out. We'll see where they draw the line on exploration to coordinate sending them somewhere safe.

Read the Report
9th Jan 2022

Session 54: The Masesians and Their Freedom

The Forged has found Sunnis' children and now just to help them get free.

Read the Report
2nd Jan 2022

Session 53: A Leaf on the Wind into the Desert

The group has dealt with a void creature, saved a little girl and now travel into the desert to finally find Sunnis' child. Or so they hope.

Read the Report
12th Dec 2021

Session 52: Wayward Druids

Lily is currently speed dating swords unaware of how her absence is felt back at the manor.

Read the Report
5th Dec 2021

Session 51: Wells and Mores

The group travelled down Wellmore's Well and into a secret area. They deal with desecrated bodies and a strange mirror. A tapping sound draws Lily's attention. As she taps back a giant, white ape-like creature with four arms breaks down the door and attacks the group.

Read the Report
14th Nov 2021

Session 50: Safe and Safe Houses

The group has escaped the sphere. Now maybe with a fresh day they will get to their plans for what had been yesterday, or will they?

Read the Report
7th Nov 2021

Session 49: Rotating Puzzles

The group are slowly getting the hang their surroundings and are confident that now they have a chance of figuring out how to get to the compass and back out of this puzzle.

Read the Report
31st Oct 2021

Session 48: Unravelling Puzzle Layers

With Karl now safely back with the group Lily focuses her attention on the puzzle with Master Barnes watching over her. Surely that won't interfere with the plans the group had, right?

Read the Report
10th Oct 2021

Session 47: Hostages Near and Far

As the party are forced to surrender, most leave in a bad mood while some are tense as they are forced to stay.

Read the Report
3rd Oct 2021

Session 46: The Fates of Fortune Are Told

The group goes to the circus to see if they can't dead with the problem and maybe even get their fortunes told.

Read the Report
26th Sep 2021

Session 45: Homeward Bound to Brechlen

The crew is literally less then 24 hours away from Brechlen and are in need of rest before making the final leg of the journey.   However they have captive on this night where they try to get some rest but getting the rest they need is going to become a mammoth task in itself.

Read the Report
12th Sep 2021

Session 44: The Animal Within

After Lily and Fargrim went back up to the mountain with Xeldarix and Uqaviel, Karl continued toward Brechlen.   It's just a few days apart. How much trouble could they really get in?

Read the Report
29th Aug 2021

Session 43: Trial by Fire

Fargrim and Lily try to show Xeldarix the basics in life while Karl tries to get 28... or 27 people down the mountain safely.

Read the Report
15th Aug 2021

Session 42: Start of a Long Road

While Lily and Xeldarix stay in the mountains to recover and finally get their long awaited holiday, the other escort the crew of Masela's Fury back to Brechlen.

Read the Report
8th Aug 2021

Session 41: Beyond the Great Bay

Marsela's Fury is about to leave the Great Bay and dedicate themselves to focusing on the journey.

Read the Report
1st Aug 2021

Session 40: Shatterhull

The group has defeated shatterhull, but now they need to get back to their ship or have it pick them up.

Read the Report
11th Jul 2021

Session 39: Undead Priests and Fiends

The Forged continue to sail the seas and learn the ropes. However, other forces try to either influence the boat or literally take what doesn't belong to them.

Read the Report
27th Jun 2021

Session 38: Sailing Away With Me

The Forged get ready to sail away with Masela's Fury.

Read the Report
20th Jun 2021

Session: 37 The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

After meeting with the Dread pirate the group is unsettled and try to look at leaving town asap.

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30th May 2021

Session 36: The Web We Weave

The group has a plan on taking down Cassandra. However we all know the four basic rules of making a plan.   1. Make the plan. 2. Execute the plan. 3. Expect the plan to go off the rails. 4. Throw away the plan.

Read the Report
23rd May 2021

Session 35: The Great Sacking of the Wellmore Estate

The Forged look into a mage's manor. That couldn't go poorly, right?

Read the Report
18th Apr 2021

Session 34: "Welcome" Said the spider to the fly

With a new possible Thieves' Guild leader in town the Forged need to figure out what they want to do about this.

Read the Report
11th Apr 2021

Session 33: All Aboard the Wellmore Go Round

A bit of shopping turned into a nightmare

Read the Report
28th Mar 2021

Session 32: Outrunning Ghosts of the Past

The group has become aware of how dangerous the ghosts that follow them are. Now they want to get to Brechlen, take care of business and get out again without the possibility of innocent people being possessed.

Read the Report
21st Mar 2021

Session 31: It's a Long Way to Brechlen

Two of their companions have gone, one is ill and they are still a few days from Brechlen. Could it get much worse?

Read the Report
28th Feb 2021

Session 30: It's All Down Hill From Here

With their curiosity satisfied with the maze it is time to start the long trip back down the mountain.

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21st Feb 2021

Session 29: Navigating this Situation

The party rests, identifies a few items and everything is fine, right? Right?

Read the Report
7th Feb 2021

Session 28: Temple Trials and Their Price

The Forged are making their way through the temple. They face puzzles, riddles and even the odd foe. Will they make it to the end? Will they be willing to pay the price?

Read the Report
24th Jan 2021

Session 27: Ghost Town at it's Peak

The group has been exploring the town at the top of the Mountain. Will they find the temple?

Read the Report
10th Jan 2021

Session 26: Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

The group continues to climb the Mountain, working their way to a temple in order to help Sunnis.

Read the Report
6th Dec 2020

Session 25: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

It's off to the mountain our players go!

Read the Report
15th Nov 2020

Session 24: Grimms' Prairie Tales

The group continues to make it's way through the plains and prairie lands of Muden as they make for Archestuel Mountains.

Read the Report
25th Oct 2020

Session 23: Into the Rising Sun

The team heads out East as they leave Saarmen as quickly as possible.

Read the Report
18th Oct 2020

Session 22: Temple Raiders

With two characters wanted for kidnapping and information on where the Mind's Eye might be, the race is on. Will they make it before someone is caught?

Read the Report
4th Oct 2020

Session 21: Looking for an eye in the middle of a hay stack.

With Karl and Reign being discovered, the group steps up their efforts to find the Truth's Eye quickly so they may leave town.

Read the Report
27th Sep 2020

Session 20: Fear Naut for the Squid is Dead

After a hard battle in the middle of the night the group is left to either stay up or head back to bed.

Read the Report
13th Sep 2020

Session 19: Seas the Day

The group wrap up their affairs in Brechlen and set sail for Saarmen.

Read the Report
6th Sep 2020

Session 18: Forging a New Path

The group has accomplished a lot and now needs to decide how much else they want to get done here before they move on to the next town.

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30th Aug 2020

Session 17: A Dreadful Search

Simone and Lily are missing, Lyra got into trouble, and the rest of the party are told to run when Xeldarix says she is going in to grab Lyra.

Read the Report
23rd Aug 2020

Session 16: Karl's Dreadful Night

Separated from the party, Karl has some quality time with a seer.   The rest of the group is left to pick up the pieces and work out where their friend is.

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9th Aug 2020

Session 15: Rocking off with a Rakshasa!

The party managed to infultrate the manor of Lady Sasha, distract the fake and find the real one! The only downside is it noticed and took control of Reign via dominate person. So now Fargrim sits in a greenhouse with what he thinks is his backup.

Read the Report
26th Jul 2020

Session 14: A Bloody War of Conflict

The group has successfully completed Sunnis' trial. They have a few things they want to get done:  

  • Talk to a pirate
  • Talk to a Dreadful Family
  • Suss out Sasha
  • Help Dill and Holly
  • But Most importantly: Figure out what they are going to call themselves!

    Read the Report
    19th Jul 2020

    Session 13: A Cry on the Wind

    The group is currently underneath Brechlen and are taking part in Sunnis' trial. They've fought some hard battles. They know at least one more elemental is out there and they are yet to find the vermin that Sunnis mentioned. Will they pass the trial or will it be too much for them?

    Read the Report
    5th Jul 2020

    Session: 12 Below a Princess Awaits

    After earning the trust of Steve, he tells you about Sunnis. He is her guardian and protector, and he invites you to take on her challenges after a full nights rest. Could this hold the secret to Karl's Master disappearing? The artefact the Unchained seek?

    Read the Report
    13th Jun 2020

    Session 11: The One That Got Away

    A battle with unexpected fey beings, a chase across the city and a banishment later has our investigators confused and unsure as they consider their main quarry for the night got away and is still free to continue his killing spree.

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    7th Jun 2020

    Session: 10 Brechlen, Home Again.

    After an emotional and traumatic time in the wild together the group has made it to Brechlen, Karl's hometown.   Things are amiss in the city, but can the group get to the bottom of it and deal with the Unchained?

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    24th May 2020

    Session 9: The Splitting of the Party, A Rapid Development

    The party falls through a sinkhole and end up in a rapid, icy, underground river that has them making a rapid transition.   Some action to happen between sessions.

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    17th May 2020

    Session 8: Going Off Road!

    The group has left the main road to try and speed up their progress to get to Brechlen. After a successful bear hunt they set down to rest for the night only for Fargrim to notice something is sulking around the outside of their campsite.   Roll for initiative!

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    26th Apr 2020

    Session: 7 Between a Church and a Fiendish Place

    The characters are struggling with their own ideals and morals after having met Xeldarix and trying to decide what to do about the situation.   They have options before them and now they just need to make a decision.

    Read the Report
    12th Apr 2020

    Session 6: Markless and Free!

    You've found the hidden area that the Unchained were using in Poden, killed 3 members and made 2 civilian arrests for the remaining members. The question becomes, what next?

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    5th Apr 2020

    Session 5: Into the Temple

    You stand on a beach, before one of the oldest temples you have ever seen. At your backs in a lake of Guardian Nagas that seem to be trapped. You are below the lake with Christos as he seeks revenge for what happened to his son and you seek freedom from your mark before whomever they send comes to claim your life.

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    The Protagonists

    Karl Moller

    Level 7 Human (Brecht) Neutral Good Wizard
    46 / 46 HP

    Lyra Ulvendatter

    Level 8 Elf Chaotic Neutral Ranger
    / 53 HP

    Simone Dread

    Level 8 Human (Brecht) Chaotic Neutral Seer
    (Haunted One)
    / 53 HP

    Lily Wulfsdotter

    Level 7 Rjuven Half Elf CN Druid
    72 / 72 HP

    Fargrim Hammerland

    Level 8 Dwarf Lawful Good Cleric
    59 / 64 HP