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The Tides That Bind Us

A Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game In the world of Pondera
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Sessions Archive

12th Aug 2023

Session 54: Tunnel of Love

The party has gotten information on how to find the heart that loves yet no longer beats.

22nd Jul 2023

Session 53: Flight Path to Lochgrain

The party is flying to Lochgrain to find "A heart that loves but no longer beats."

8th Jul 2023

Session 52: Scalies

The party has met up with a new friend, and Ragia has found family at the festival.

27th May 2023

Session 51: Leaves in the wind

The party decides what their next steps are going to be after finding the first of three parts of Ayame's pipe.

13th May 2023

Session 50: Gebertzwerg Commons

A dangerous threat has been eliminated from the kingdom of the dwarves. The party gets a chance at some down time in this ancient kingdom.

29th Apr 2023

Session 49: Ancestral Abomination

The party has entered a temple to Olan, and found an aberration, a pure monstrocity that uses necromantic magic to animate long dead corpses in order to hide in plain sight. Combat, has begun.

18th Mar 2023

Session 48: Political Games

11th Mar 2023

Session 47: Hoss

The party gets to talk to Hoss, leader of a dwarven adventuring guild... of sorts.

25th Feb 2023

Session 46: Falling Back

The party was attacked by a powerful dwarf brawler. Needing someplace to hide that they can trust, they go back to a brothel, where Nahemah has a potential ally.

14th Jan 2023

Session 45: Bad Reputation

The party awakes after a night of comradery, new friends made, and a new day awaits.

3rd Dec 2022

Session 44: Undermountain Detective Agency

The players have found the location where they can find the pipe that Ayame is looking for, but it is burnt to the ground.

19th Nov 2022

Session 43: Takeoff

29th Oct 2022

Session 42: After The Collection

The players have found an ancient collection of artifacts, and must chose their next steps.

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8th Oct 2022

Session 41: The Slayer Savior War

A war has broken out between Cinerosa and Baal.

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1st Oct 2022

Session 40: Blanketed Expectations.

The party hunted down and caught up with Ornable faster than they thought. What comes next?

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17th Sep 2022

Session 39: The Merchant and the Boogieman

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27th Aug 2022

Session 38: Our Fathers Mercy Without Hope

There was a murder at the nightclub.

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13th Aug 2022

Session 37: Our Fathers Mercy

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6th Aug 2022

Session 36: The Spice Merchant

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18th Jun 2022

Session 35: Blackwater

The party leaves the 'safety' of the forest and comes upon the ruined city of Blackwater.

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4th Jun 2022

Session 34: Boogieman

A boogieman has made its way out of a portal, and is attacking the party.

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14th May 2022

Session 33: Northbound

Vog mor has been vanquished, but the party has some final errands to attend too before they leave.

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30th Apr 2022

Session 32: Vog Mor

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26th Mar 2022

Session 31: The Belly of the Beast

The players have been trapped in a sewer, and something rests further in...

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19th Mar 2022

Session 30: Bruno

The players are approached by a man with a quest for them.

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5th Mar 2022

Session 29: Hell

The players were told to go to hell, so they did.

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19th Feb 2022

Session 28: Red

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5th Feb 2022

Session 27: Underparty

The party is enjoying the festival, but where will it lead from here?

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29th Jan 2022

Session 26: A Grand Celebration

The party has survived the sewers and are ready to celebrate within Orzhov

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15th Jan 2022

Session 25: Orzhov Sewers

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4th Dec 2021

Session 24: Bookkeeping

The party awakes from a comfortable nights sleep in Orzhov.

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27th Nov 2021

Session 23: Orzhovian Nights

The party arrives at Orzhov and takes some much needed downtime.

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13th Nov 2021

Session 22: Road to Orzhov

The players are on their way to Orzhov

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6th Nov 2021

Session 21: The Gods Have Spoken

An announcement is soon to arrive throughout the world.

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30th Oct 2021

Session 20: Hallowed Night Council

The party has been confirmed to recieve gifts from Tallaut due to their help. But other things may reside within the town that they do not expect.

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23rd Oct 2021

Session 19: Fillibuster

Theralon is preventing a vote from going forwards.

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9th Oct 2021

Session 18: Dai Surprise

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25th Sep 2021

Session 17: Trail to Tallaut

Thep arty is rested and has some quick errands to run.

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18th Sep 2021

Session 16: Apocalyptic Aftermath

The world has changed forever.

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28th Aug 2021

Session 15: Angelica Town

There is something amiss at the quaint villiage of Angelica town. But what?

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21st Aug 2021

Session 14: Path of Inquisition

The players have made up their mind on where they go, and find a quaint little town along the way.

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19th Jun 2021

Session 13: Druid of Soulsaisir

His minions are dead, but the leader is nowhere to be found

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5th Jun 2021

Session 12: The Root Wardens

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29th May 2021

Session 11: Next Steps

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22nd May 2021

Session 10: A new Arrival

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8th May 2021

Session 9: Within The Canopy

Well rested and with a new scroll created and delivered, the party decide their next steps.

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24th Apr 2021

Session 8: Willows Reach

After 4 days of travel by boat, the party has reached their destination, Willows Reach. The closest waterbound city to Drakenvald in Gwillith.

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17th Apr 2021

Session 7: An Ocean of Choices

A big decision is coming upon the group upon saving Joe Bigley. What will they decide>?

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10th Apr 2021

Session 6: Saving Joe Bigley

Having entered the cave system, and finding danger, our party continues their quest!

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3rd Apr 2021

Session 5: The Plan

The party has reached Gug-Oeja, has found safety, and slept a night in one of the most complex cities on Pondera. Now, they must decide where their priorities are, what makes them stick together, and how to continue from that point forward.

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20th Mar 2021

Session 4: The Streets of Gug-Oeja

After a long few days, the party has reached Gug-Oeja, and all paths lay out before them on what they are capable of doing. Here, decisions are made, alliances formed, and the true future decided.

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13th Mar 2021

Session 3: Fight or Flight

The players are cornered between the woods, and an encampment of soldiers that are on the road they need to travel on. How will they manage?

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6th Mar 2021

Session 2: The Road to Gug-Oeja

After being saved by a local woman, our adventurers set off for the safety of Gug-Oeja

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27th Feb 2021

Session 1: Landfall 2, Electric Boogaloo.

Your choices have lead you to board a ship on the eastern shores of Ekklysia, and the horizon of adventure seems slightly closer today than It did before. You know that a journey may be dangerous, but you are determined to make a name for yourself, and explore the world.

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20th Feb 2021

Session 1: Landfall

Your choices have lead you to board the ship, and the horizon of adventure seems slightly closer today than It did before. You know that a journey may be dangerous, but you are determined to make a name for yourself, and explore the world.

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Its been eight years since the Kainga ravaged the world, and nearly brought another consumption to the forefront. Magic has started to be found again, and maps are mostly incomplete, and missing crucial information. The world is open for exploration, and it is up to you, to find the new truths of the world.

This story is told by

The Protagonists

Ragia Raflesia

Ayame Shiori

3-Level Wizard 3-Level Incanter 4-Level Wraith

Nahemah Dai'Gishkin

Eleanor Primrose

2:Psychic Warrior-Level Fighter 2-Level Barbarian