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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Terrix

October 2016

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Terrix has always been a world of diversity, rich with culture and life. Deities have left their marks, as have historical events filled with the dangers and wonders of magic.   Something, however, has been curling its claws deep into the underbelly of Usratia's governments, integrating itself into the politics and expanding its reach to spread misery and death.   Already, many of our heroes have felt the burning touch of the Cult of the Dragon, ruining their lives and taking away what faith they have in authority. But it will get far worse if they don't do anything to stop it.   Join the New Dawn and the Metalhearts as they gather what young, rebellious people they can to rail against the corruption and death, fighting despite the impossibility of winning against ancient, draconic evil.

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Sun 8th April 2018 10:00


Time is up. Relentless MUST be saved, or be lost forever.

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