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20 Zabas, 4285

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The world encompassing all the creatures, races, and places for the campaign I run for D&D 5th Edition, "Sleeping Dragons".   There are six main continents, all of which cover around 33% of the planet's surface. The largest continent is Usratia, followed by Makane, Orcran, Aezith, Pylith, and the freezing continent of the south pole, Edres. Terrix has 400 days per year with approximately 100 days per season, which can be more extreme in shifts according to the places closest/nearest the sun, known as Exxus.   The most widely accepted calendar consists of sixteen months, each with twenty-five days; however, it is more common to name the day, the month, and the year as the date (21 Biazath, 4284).   Terrix is home to many different sentient beings. Humanoid creatures tend to be the most abundant and clever, making up for most of the population. Humans and dwarves are responsible for half the humanoid population, with tieflings and dragonborn together only making up less than 6%.   Magic is on the rise again after the Spellplague, which caused destruction and havoc upon Terrix for a short time.   The Spellplague, also known as the Blue Breath of Change, was a disaster that struck the entire realm and affected even the planes themselves. It was caused by the assassination of Mystra at the hands of Cyric and Shar. It continued for a decade, leading to the Wailing Years during which arcane magic became dangerous and unpredictable, killing many mages due to magic-related illnesses or horrible arcane accidents. Magic items were disrupted, and the planet Terrix was forced to adapt and recover until magic became what it is today.

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Sleeping Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hundreds of years after the defeat of Bahamut, Tiamat and her followers bring corruption and death. Someone needs to stop the Cult of the Dragon before it has the means of bringing back the evil Dragon Queen...

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