Where the adventure started


The population consists overwhelmingly of humans, though the odd nonhuman merchant comes through now and then to sell their wares. Because of the nature of an oceanside town, there are many different kinds of travelers that come through, but the ones that live here are still mainly human.   Frostshore doesn't have a wide gap between wealth; the middle class overwhelms the very rich and the very poor, mainly because it is a town of commerce and making your own way instead of the wealth trickling down.


Oceanside, up on rocky cliffs and therefore high ground

Industry & Trade

Frostshore's main exports are fish and lumber, though it is a bustling town of commerce in general. They are a port and therefore a point for travelers and traders to buy shelter at the local inns.


Frostshore is on the shore of the @[Rainy Gulf] and up on high cliffs. The elevation is high enough to be significantly cooler than its surrounding locations, despite being near the warmest part of the equator.
Large town
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