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Adventures in Saltmarsh

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Ghosts of Saltmarsh
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Supporting Cast
  • Council Member Anders Solmar
    Anders is one of the five @[Saltmarsh Councilmember](rank:6a91274c-bae6-4649-b62a-3e87d20ad87c) on the @[Saltmarsh Town Council](organization:2fca4be1-ba67-40e5-837c-b4c5d00c44d6). He is young, brash, and charming. he frequently receives longing glances from eligible bachelorettes in town.
  • Dhelian Ryder
    Dhelian is a eager and ambition half-gnome associated with the Undercurrent. He wears sturdy clothing and a wooden holy symbol on his belt
  • Felizia
    Felizia is a snappy gnome working for Gellan Primewater. She is constantly on the lookout for quality produce, and guards the secrets of the Primewater Mansion closely.
  • Captain Grendana Stormbreaker
    Grendana captained the Hallowell for over 10 years. She collected a loyal crew, and took up the occasional traveler. Unfortunately, she died on the way to Saltmarsh.
  • Hemsh, the Alchemist
    Hemsh got caught in a bad deal with the Sea Princes. He started spiraling down a self-destructive path of false promises and ineffective alchemist experience. After sending his family away, he hid in his lab until members of the sea prince army showed up and demanded their promised payment.
  • Kreb Shenker
    Kreb manages the Empty net. His discreet handling of information and numerous nooks and crannies draw in a distinctly notorious crowd. He knows the power of information... and coin.
  • Council Member Manistrad Copperlocks
    Manistrad is the only dwarf (and only non-human) on the Saltmarsh Town Council. Her rough personality polarizes those around her. She is fiercely protective of the dwarven community, and believes in the economic opportunities King Scotti is providing the community.
  • Ned Shankshaft
    Ned is a slippery fellow who gives few straight answers. He was sent by a cloaked figure who kept calling him as "my friend". he claims to be an adventurer but doesn't do a great job of inspiring confidence with his companions. He is often unbalanced, trips, and does more harm to his allies than good. He slipped away after seeing Sanbalet; his current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Wellagar Brinehanded
    Wellagar is the cleric and guardian of the Temple of Aerie. Grendana Stormbreaker would briefly stop here to worship every time her ship stopped at Saltmarsh

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18th Aug 2020

August 18

11th Aug 2020

Aug 11

You see a small orange-scaled head peek up by the floorboards, make eye contact with you, SQUEEK, and dash away.

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The Protagonists

First Mate Taonga Atama Te Morehurehu


Lieutenant Thia Oaklen