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Empty Net

Partially supported by stilts driven into the harbor waters, this rickety tavern is purportedly a haven for smugglers, mercenaries, assassins and even pirates. The owner, Kreb Shenker takes coin from anyone and asks no questions. Troublemakers are thrown out the door, over the railing, and into the reeking harbor. The town guard comes here only if called. [GoS p. 14]    


Gelatinous Jelly Shrimp, an unwanted delicacy.   Fried Fish Tales- a lunchtime special   Shifting Calamari: The Tentacles of a displacer beast sliced and fried into a light batter. Aim your fork carefully   Gelatinous Marmalade: Gelatinous cube jelly mixed with sugar water. Doesn't taste like much, but can make just about anything safe to eat if enough is slathered on it.  

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Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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