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Aug 11 Report

General Summary

The party finds themselves on the main deck discussing the recent battle in their future course of action. They were interrupted by minks, a Pseudodragon who popped his head out of the cook's room. He squeaked and dashed back in. Copa followed and discovered Lyle, the cook, calmly topping away at dinner. After a brief conversation he agreed to show Copa where the captain's quarters were.   When he came out of the room, he was surprised and startled by the dead crew mate bodies scattered across the deck. his guard raised, he grabbed for his sword and asked for an explanation. Before he got one, he cut himself off and dashed towards Delian. "What are you doing here? This isn't Grandma's birthday party, you sea squid! Come with me. You owe me an explanation."   He dragged Dhelian back to the kitchen and cargo area. The rest of the party followed. There, he explained he was a member of The Undercurrent , a secret organization focused on getting slaves to freedom. He was working on the Sea Ghost as an undercover agent collecting information about a new slave pickup in Saltmarsh. He further explained that, despite claims to the contrary, his brother was not a member of the organization.   The party agreed to explore the rest of the ship while Lyle and Dhellion and stayed behind to have a family conversation. Copa and Kerwyn encountered the Lizardfolk. Due to language barriers, Copa carried most of the conversation. She found out that the lizard folk were awaiting a shipment of some sort that was an agreement between them and the captain. Despite her attempts at gathering more information, she was unsuccessful. The lizardfolk requested that she either propose a trade or leave the room. Meanwhile, Thia and Rana explored the captain's and wizard quarters. Through some creative collaboration, they found 10 electrum ingots in a trapped chest, 7 maps with a familiar symbol, an agreement between the captain and the lizard folk, and a nice pale green flowy shirt.   The party recruit and headed below deck. There they encountered Bloody Bjorn. They successfully tricked him into thinking they were a part of Sanbalet crew with another shipment. They tried to ambush him by hiding Kerwyn in the crate along with the dead shipmates. Unfortunately, Bjorn never opened the crates and just closed the door behind him.   Stuck in the room without a light source, Kerwyn was unable to do anything about Bjorn. However, he did discover another humanoid, Oceanus, trapped in the room next to him and started to crawl his way out to help him. Simultaneously Thia and Rana work to open the door from their end. Here they came across another parrot that kept repeating "shut your mouth".   Thea and Rana were eventually able to open the door and free oceana's and a horrible vile stench. Oceanus was excited to be free and even more excited to see Copa, another Tridon from the Gadalatha tribe. He and Theo were briefly stored together in the same room sometime after Jane was freed, but before Theo was traded.   Copa turned into a spider and explored other areas of the ship. On her excursion she found four crew mates but no slaves. She relate this information to the rest of the crew, who have decided to actively ambush Bjorn.

Rewards Granted

  • 1 spell book
  • 1 scroll
  • Discovered 10 electrum ingots [still in the chest]
  • 1 green shirt
  • 7 maps with Rana's map symbol on them
  • small key
  • 2 small gems (25GP)
  • 30 GP
  • Fine wooden flute
  • Key
  • 2 healing potions, a dose of antitoxin, 7 different maps
  • 2 sunstones
  • 50 GP
  • Books: Principals of Navigation/Legal Distinction in Letters of Marque

Missions/Quests Completed

The party found Lyle, a member of the Undercurrent.   Dead Body at Saltmarsh

  • Learned Theo was on the ship (from Oceanus)
  • Learned Jane was set free from ship (Lyle)
Lizardfolk Smuggling
  • Discovered weapons
  • Know that the lizardfolk have an agreement with Captain Snake Eyes
  • Discovered 1 chest of electrum ingots
  • Discovered Lyle - undercurrent agent
  • Know the term Juweles
  • Discovered Pansy symbols [purpose currently unknown]
  • 7 maps with Rana and map mentor's symbol

Character(s) interacted with


  • Lyle
  • Bloody Bjorn
  • Mynx
  • Lizardfolk

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Report Date
12 Aug 2020
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