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Valdorin campaign

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Zanthia
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Scheduled Sessions

Fri 31st January 2020 13:00

Session 40: Brawlin' Around Chaussy

With Morbelgion continuing his plot, the party pursues rumors of a new church related to the buried city, Tul Inuth

Fri 27th December 2019 2:00

Session 39: Escape From the Enthralled City

The party is cornered by Drussix in an alien ship. Tens of thralls lie in wait outside, the ship itself (?) has just tried to murder the party, and resources are running out. But there is some hope to be found as possible allies have been freed on the ship. Will our heroes manage to escape this deadly trap?

Fri 15th November 2019 2:00

Session 38: Under the City Lies Madness

Fri 11th October 2019 10:00

Session 37: Owlbear lost in the paranoid city

Fri 20th September 2019 10:00

Session 36: How I learned to embrace Bayonne

Sat 27th July 2019 10:30

Session 35: The Eye of the Neverliving God

Sat 13th July 2019 10:00

Session 34: Dinner at Chateau Tusan

Sat 6th July 2019 10:00

Session 33: The Dream Is Collapsing!

Sessions Archive

23rd May 2020

Session 41: Insanity

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29th May 2019

Session 32: Killed In Cold... Blood

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18th May 2019

Session 31: Into Fenelon

Fleeing the Free Men and the winged harvesters in Respit's Quarry, the party arrives in the domain of the vampire d'Edouart in Fenelon.

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29th Mar 2019

Session 30: Return of an old friend

Having disposed of the huge threat in Ichtaka's temple, the party will soon find out that bigger trouble is afoot

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1st Mar 2019

Session 29: The Rat King Rises

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1st Feb 2019

Session 28: The Three Heirs

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18th Jan 2019

Session 27: A Brand New Day

With three of the original party dead or disappeared, the group starts a brand new day

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14th Dec 2018

Session 26: Death... so much death

Having executed one of their party members, I wish I could say this was the last party member to die this week

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7th Dec 2018

Session 25: Reassessing

Having seemingly escaped the time loop, the party takes a minute to reassess their plans.

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3rd Nov 2018

Session 24: Back To The Future

Gravely hurt by the enclave's defenses, the party sets out to escape the loop before they are erased from time

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20th Oct 2018

Session 23: 2 ADD PCs = Max Chaos

Disillusioned with the groups repeated efforts, Rael sets out to rectify his past mistakes

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28th Sep 2018

Session 22: The Discombobulated Mike

Having traversed the mysteries of Tul Inuth a dozen times at this point, a strange entity shows up that exists outside of the loop

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21st Sep 2018

Session 21: Stuck in a loop

Having arrived in the remains of Tul Inuth, the party is stuck in the last half hour of the city's existence

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24th Aug 2018

Session 20: The Buried Enclave

Having resolved their lingering issues regarding Rael and his corruption, the party moves on to their next pressing issues.

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22nd Jun 2018

Session 18: Cathedral Time... or not?

Having escaped the duergar pursuit through the underdark tunnels, the party tries to resolve their unfinished business. After stumbling into the lair of a Stone Giant, the party stands at the footholds of a giant marble cathedral

15th Jun 2018

Session 17: To duergar or not to duergar

After venturing into the underdark, the party immediately got ambushed by the feared duergar kavalrachni, where will they go next?

1st Jun 2018

Session 16: Into the underdark

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19th May 2018

Session 15: Exiled, Kidnapped, and confused

With Nate kidnapped, Nero exiled from town, and a dash of necromancy, what will the party do next?

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20th Apr 2018

Session 14: Adding a Rogue to the party

After defeating the creature known as Z'rath, the party makes their way out of Castle Blackrock awaited by a face familiar to one of them

31st Mar 2018

Session 13: Facing down Cedric

Having made their way through the mirror looking for the tantalizing creature Z'rath, the party finds Cedric waiting for them...

2nd Feb 2018

Session 11: Rescuing The Dragon's Men

After Nate gets stuck in the mirror, the party decides to get help from Bahamut's followers, only to realize they are in danger themselves...

1st Sep 2017

Session 5: Overconfidence is key

Having bested a giant spider in battle, surely a small army of goblins is no match for our party

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8th Jul 2017

Session 4: Religious fanatics can be so unreasonable sometimes

Having returned victorious from the dwarven temple, the party is met with an ongoing festival, isn't this a bit premature?

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24th Jun 2017

Session 3: A sorcerer on a leash is worth ten in a bush

Having defeated the threats in Durum Kar, the party heads back to Bree but chaos lurks around every corner (Azeir... that means Azeir)

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2nd Jun 2017

Session 2: Orcs + Spiders = Too many NPCs

Having fled Bazzagog's lair, the party is about to meet the new, tusked visitor's to the long-lost temple.

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14th Apr 2017

Session 1: Spiders? We don't need no stinking spiders

Dwarves?! Spiders?! Black goo?! Everything you could need.

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