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Map opens with Pick clicked

New Feature Addition · Maps · Created by Arumbus
map -pin

Have a link/url to maps where a specific pin is clicked. This will show the article on the side, giving the user both a visual sense of where the place is (map) and some basic information about the place (article)

  I feel this would be a benefit to the audience and the world builder concisely grouping together the visual and the imformative. I would likely have most of my links to places done this way if it is possible.   If possble this should also be reflected in the URL as an anchor or parameter so that is caan be used as a link in social media, marketing, and other sites ourside WA.  

Dimitri's Response

This suggestion did not reach the required support to be considered.   I would love to see this happen but it might need abit more care the next time it is submitted, it received very low support and I wonder if it has to do with people not realising what it was   Please feel free to resubmit soon
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