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Hey! I'm Rick.   If you have ever seen an Arumbus, a Grumby or a Siberlee in a RPG game or in a forum... chances are, that was me.   I'm an Aussie now living in South Florida in the USA. I grew up in several SE Asian Countries. I have visited 49 of 50 US state (gotta hit Alaska one day) and spent quite a bit of time in various European countries as an adult. Yup! I'm a bit of a gypsie.   In the "Real World" I'm a Director of Sales and Marketing for an Israeli Company that has factories in China, India, and SE Asia making product for the North American and Australian Markets. (told ya I was a gypsie!)   In "Rick World" I'm a photographer, digital artist, and writer... dabble in a tad of programing too. My Project, The Legends of Mernac, started with a short story I wrote in high schools in the Age Spoiler Alert!!

1970's - yep an old geek ~smiles~
.   Since then I have written several hundred thousand words all set in the same world and composed literally hundreds of art pieces as illustrations for it.   Sooooo, the divorce was about 10 years ago, the kids are grown, the bills are paid... now it is time to do something with all this content. I've actually been planning on it in great detail for years. So now I have the time and resources (~wellllll.... kinda) to do it.... Enter World Anvil!   The project is the combination of world building, serialized novels, fantasy art... and Gaming. The game is gonna be a bit different.   Yeah, yeah, everyone asks about the game part first (except my writers groups) so here a bit of a peek.  

So, what existing game is Mernac like?

  Mernac the Game will be like... actually, it is not quite like anything currently commercially available. But, to describe it briefly:   Imagine if a TTPPG like D&D and the old massive MUD text games of pre 2000 like Discworld or MUD1 had a baby while looking at a seach of "High Fantasy Art" in Google images...   The Baby?   That's kinda what Mernac the Game will be like.   Look and feel:   Mernac the Game. is set in the Legends of Mernac Universe. This is a collaborative world-building, high-fantasy world with strong mythological aspects. Think Gods, think Dragon, Think Goddesses, Elves, Dwarves, Faries, Magic, Melee, Religion, Pantheons, Hero's, Archetypes, Spells, Villains, Weapons, Adventurers, Guilds, Demons, Legends, Classes, Lore, Fables, and electric cars. Ok, maybe not the electric cars!   This online world is made up of multiple serialized novels and short stories and with supporting backstories and lore. All of this is illustrated by breathtaking fantasy art and presented in a high fantasy stylized theme with attractive fantasy design elements.   Playstyle   The playstyle of Mernac the Game is meant to be...  
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