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Stardust Therizinosaurus

The Stardust Therizinosaurus

June 24th year 3090

We have landed two weeks ago, and we are just now are able to set up camp. Not by the lag of trying. But because we were interrupted by a creature, that didn't appreciate our company. The creature was black as the night, with white spots over its feathers. I need to hit the books, when we have set up camp. I think I have seen an image of a creature just like this one.  

June 30th year 3090

I was right, I have seen the image of this creature before. It was a dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period. The scientist of that time called it a Therizinosaurus. This creature is extinct on our planet, but here at Atlas Temple the animal is very much a live. The animal is large, and travels at night. One of the creatures came very close to our camp today, but stayed away for some reason I do not know yet. According to the old books I have being reading, is this animal a very territorial creature. So maybe we are not in its territory. But at this point I am only guessing.  

September 2nd year 3090

After mine last entry I have discovered that there was not one Therizinosaurus, but there were two of them. Seven weeks ago mine team and I discovered that the mated pair had laid an egg. And now it has hatched. The chick, is a miniature version of its parents. It is 3 meters tall and has black feathers with white spots all over them. The chick needs to have food to grow, only I do not have seen the parent go on a hunt. Maybe I was wrong to believe that these animals are carnivores, I will never know until I see them eat.  

September 7th year 3090

I will be dammed, and I will be the first one to say that I was wrong about the Therizinosaurus. They are indeed no carnivores, they are herbivores with a fondness for berries. I have to say that I didn't see that one coming, but then again. Mother nature is full of surprises, no matter on which planet you are.
— Excerpt off The Findings Of Gloria Stone

Basic Information


The animal is large, it carries its head on a long and thick neck. It has a beak is long, and it has two small eyes. The animal walks on it's two behind legs. It has two front paws, but those are not fit for walking on them. They have three razor sharp claws on each paw.  

Genetics and Reproduction

They Stardust Therizinosaurus are mated for life. They stick with one partner, if one of them dies the other follows soon after. In their lifetime the female lays three eggs, three years between each egg. Which are hatching seven weeks. The young will stay three years with his parents, then it needs to find its own place in the world. After one year they have left their parents they start to source for their own mate.  

Growth Rate & Stages

  • Egg Incubation:
    Seven weeks
  • Baby:
    One year
  • Juvenile:
    Two years
  • Adolesent:
    Three years
  • Adult:
    Four years

Ecology and Habitats

The Therizinosaurus are living inside the forest and the swamps on the planet. There are some sightings of them near the cities, but there were not that many to reach an alarm.  

Dietary Needs and Habits

Because they are very aggressive towards anyone who enters their territory, it was believed that the Therizinosaurus were carnivores. But soon after their discovery, that belief was shattered. The Therizinosaurus is a herbivore, with its preference for berries.  

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Although the eyes are small they have a very good eyesight, and an incredible sense of smell. It is believed that it is better than the dog's sense of smell. They are fast walkers and can use some great force in their front paws. Killing any treat they might face.  

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The Therizinosaurus, is very territorial. It attacks everybody who comes near them. Those not matter if they are from the same species. (Except when they are looking for a mate). Or another animal, or humans. That is why everybody who sees the animal, runs for their lives. The Therizinosaurus, that are living near the cities are highly monitored.  

by Nobu Tamura

Scientific Name
Therizinosaurus stella pulvis
Atlas Temple
Conservation Status
Recently discovered
Average Height
8.3 meters
Average Weight
3.9 tons
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Therizinosaurus is covered all over with black feathers. On those feathers are small with spots.
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by

Gloria Stone

When Gloria Stone arrived at Atlas Temple she had hope to find some hidden places, missing artifacts and new animals. She didn't suspect to find the Stardust Therizinosaurus. A creature that is extinct on Earth was here alive and well. What other mysteries will she discover?    
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