Zheng-kitar Death of the Old Gods

Death of the Old Gods

Era beginning/end

Time Immemorial / Unknown

The bastardous Yema, better known as the 'New Gods', finally could not contain their greed or animosity towards the Old Gods for giving the Yema's first creations, the High Races(High Elves, High Dragons, and Titans), freedom from the control of the Yema and the gift of sentience and free will - and over this, the Yema went to war against the Old Gods in a cataclysmic war that culminated in a slaughter so cataclysmic that parts of reality were permanently torn asunder, as the Yema tore the original creators of reality apart to take their power for their own. Spurned by this genocide, the primordial Yema of obliteration and oblivion would awake and devour the first city forged by mortal hands.

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