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Urqet Racial Feats

Haa'tor's Enslaving Gaze:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Captivating Gaze of Haa'tor' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: The range of your gaze attack increases to 40ft. Out of combat, you may implant a suggestion as per the spell suggestion or sleepwalking suggestion. In combat, you may issue a single demand to the creature as per the spell command. Both of these special effects can only affect a given creature once per day(Though the base gaze can affect others without limit).   Their eyes glowing like large wells of starlit power, these lucky Urqet are blessed with fantastic power that lets them warp and bend the minds of others to their wills with astonishing ease.
Razorbarb Lance:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Razorbarb Stinger' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effects: When you have a creature successfully impaled using 'Razorbarb Stinger', you may freely move them around to any square that your tail could reach without provoking Attacks of Opportunity. You may have two creatures impaled on your tail total at any given time - impaling a second creature causes your tail to become inoperable until you release one creature(depositing them in any square inside your tail's reach).   Their tail stingers elongating and developing sharp spines to hook into the flesh of their targets, these Urqet can use these longer, spear-like tail stingers to impale more targets, whipping impaled targets about with ease.
Elemental Linestrike:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Urqet Royal' or 'Kinetic Infusion' Alternate Racial Traits   Effects: Once every 2d4 rounds as a standard action, you may fire a line of the element you chose(If you had the 'Urqet Royal' alternate racial trait', it must be acid, and also exposes affected targets to one type of poison you have access to with your tail stinger) in a 30ft line attack that deals 3d8 points of elemental damage, plus 1d8 for every 5HD you possess.   Able to concentrate the elements infused into their bodies(or the acid flowing through their twintails, for Urqet Royals) into concetrated line attacks reminiscent of the breath weapons of the Dragonborn, these Urqet are well-known and feared for their ability to spit out these dangerous ranged attacks.
Silent Killer:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Mirageborn' Alternate Racial Trait   Effects: For 2 rounds per day plus an additional 1 round for every 2HD you possess, you can make yourself completely undetectable to all means of detection(Lifesense, Hearing, Smell, Blindsight, Etc) EXCEPT mundane visual sight. When using the 'Mirageborn' alternate racial trait, you also have a 50% chance to not be detected by lifesense and scent in the same manner as with the 'Mirageborn' Alternate Racial Trait.   Taking their talent for bending light and the air around them to hide themselves in the hot desert dunes, these rare and terrifying Urqet are able to focus all their power to, in extremely short bursts, make themselves all but undetectable to most all forms of detection...allowing them to become incredibly deadly assassins.
Martial Excellence:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Cannot have the 'Natural Warrior' Racial Feat   Effects: Pick a single non-exotic weapon or an exotic weapon you are proficient in - you gain proficiency in that weapon(if non-exotic) and are treated as having the weapon focus feat when wielding it. You may treat your HD as your fighter level for the Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, and Greater Weapon Specialization feats, though they only apply to the chosen weapon.   Though often trained from birth in spears and other long weapons to complement their large bodies, Urqet are often highly trained warriors who pick a single weapon and take their training with it to the absolute pinnacle.
Natural Warrior:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Cannot have the 'Martial Excellence' Racial Feat   Effects: Choose one of your natural attacks - your natural reach with that attack increases by 5ft and its critical threat range doubles. This does not stack with effects that do the same, such as the Keen enchantment.   Unlike their more weapon-focused brethren, these Urqet focus instead on their natural weapons and wielding them as the literal extensions of their body that they are - thanks to this training, they in time become truly terrifying warriors for whom almost none can serve as an equal.
Sandstorm Style:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race   Effects: Whenever you successfully hit a creature with a natural attack or weapon strike, you may make a free bull-rush attempt to push them backwards with a +5 bonus. Making this bull-rush attempt does not provoke even if you do not possess the 'Improved Bull Rush' feat.   Able to channel the furious winds of the desert into their attacks, these Urqet can buffet and push their foes around the battlefield with their strikes.
Absorbing Appendage:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, One or more natural attacks, Character level 5th   Effects: Choose one of your natural attacks - that attack no longer deals damage and loses all of its special qualities(except poison), but instead gains the grab universal monster rule. Any creature that begins its turn grappled by this appendage MUST attempt a CMB check to escape or it is swallowed as per swallow whole, sucked bodily into the appendage where it takes 2d10 acid damage per turn it does not escape. You apply your full natural armor bonus to the AC required to escape from inside these appendages, though the HP total is only 10HP and can never increase or decrease.   Afflicted by a strange mutation that renders an appendage harmless but allows it to suck in its victims and begin melting them head to toe, these Urqet are strange but lethally effective in their duties of protecting their tribes and homelands.
Acidic Skin:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Character level 5th   Effects: Any creature that begins their turn in a grapple with you, that hits you with a natural attack, or is hit by your natural attacks takes 1d8 acid damage. You may also deal this damage to objects as a full-round action while in contact with them - this does full damage to objects but does not bypass hardness.   Special: You may take this feat a second time to increase the acid damage to 1d10 and render it into Omniacid damage which bypasses all acid resistance and immunity.   Their bodies literally pulsing with acidic energy, these Urqet are quiet killers, able to simply melt others at a touch.
Martial Master:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Martial Excellence' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: Select one 'weapon trick' you qualify for for the weapon you chose with the 'Martial Excellence' Racial Feat. You are always counted as having that weapon trick when wielding the appropriate weapon. You automatically imbue your chosen weapon with the masterwork quality and a +1 enhancement as you wield it.   Taking weapon mastery to new heights, these Urqet wield such advanced mastery over their chosen weapon that their merest touch can greatly enhance the weapons they wield in their hands.
Natural Wunderkind:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Natural Warrior' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: The same natural attack you selected with the 'Natural Warrior' racial feat has its damage die upgraded by one step(if it was a secondary attack, you can instead choose to add your full STRmod to it instead of half STRMOD). You may either have such a natural weapon count as your alignment for overcoming DR, or one metal for overcoming DR.   Veritable masters of fighting without a manufactured weapon, these Urqet need no weapon other than the ones they were born with - with but their pincers and tail stingers, they can fight on par with the greatest weaponmasters of the age.
Poison Extraction:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Access to Racial Poisons, Character level 7th   Effects: You may distill your racial poison(s) down into concentrated doses. A number of times per day equal to your CONMOD(Minimum 1), you may create one dose from one of the racial poisons you have access to. This dose stays active for 24 hours, and then becomes inert.   Through focus, effort, and a bit of training, Urqet can learn to distill the poison that drips from their stingers into doses that they can give out to others for use in other nefarious means.
A quiet oblivion:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Character level 7th   Effects: Any creature that is struck for damage by an attack originating from you must succeed at a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CONMOD) or have their regeneration(Except regen untyped) and fast healing suppressed for a minute. Anyone attempting to use any conjuration (healing) spell, spell-like ability or magic item on such creatures must make a successful caster level check (DC 15 + 1/2 your HD + your CONMOD) or the effect fails. Once a creature has been affected by this ability, it cannot be affected again for 24 hours.   Infused with ancient and terrifying power from beyond the material plane, these Urqet are feared and left alone by their kin - whether they wish it or not, they bring death and ruination wherever they go, and are considered brings of bad luck and misfortune.
Acrobatic Arachnid:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Character level 9th   Effects: You gain a racial +5 on all acrobatics checks and can, if you wish when this feat is taken, reverse the DCs for High Jumps and Long Jumps(Making High Jumps easy and Long Jumps hard). Either way, you can land on another creature after making an acrobatics check to jump, automatically pinning all creatures in the squares you land on unless they succeed at a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + STRMOD). Creatures that are pinned take an amount of bludgeoning damage equal to twice your highest natural attack's damage dice plus 1.5x their STRMOD at the start of each of their turns. These foes are pinned for as long as the Urqet does not move - moving will automatically break the pin(s) established by the crush.   Able to leap massive distances either into the air or across the desert dunes, these Urqet are feared for their ability to use their massive bodies like a lethal crushing weapon, flattening others beneathem them and pinning them beneath them with their sharp legs as they slowly crush the life out of them.
Urqet Oracle:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Sight of Rashepsut' Racial Trait   Effects: The 'augury' spell-like ability is upgraded to the divination spell, retaining the 100% chance of correct information. By remaining in contact with a creature you can perform a ritual on them that takes 10 minutes to cast that allows you to glimpse a great and dire danger the creature is about to experience(GM Discretion) within the next 24 hours precisely one minute before it occurs. This ritual works once per creature per day.   Their powers of divination enhanced far beyond the norm, these Urqet are the absolute highest rank of spiritual leaders found in their tribes, predicting the future of the tribe weeks in the future and warning its members of danger in advance of when the events occur.
Timesight Knight:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Character level 9th   Effects: By spending a full-round studying a creature and evaluating all possible universes in which they acted that round, you can automatically pass the relevant knowledge check to gain information about them as if you had rolled a natural 20, learning about much of their abilities and capabilities. When a hostile creature makes a full-attack on you, you automatically shift to anywhere within that creature's reach without provoking Attacks of Opportunity. Additionally, as an immediate action that does not provoke, you may automatically make a single attack made by a creature you can see within 30ft into a hit or miss, but doing so leaves you staggered(Ignoring any immunity to staggered) for a round and unable to utilize this trait for 1d4 rounds afterward.   Training their entire lives to utilize the power of the stone in their foreheads to their advantage, these Urqet are deadly foes on the battlefield, capable of parsing the millions of fractal possibilities the stone in their heads allows them to see and reaching into the manifold dimensions of time to pluck out results from universes they find favorable - allowing them to shift around the battlefield and change the outcomes of battles, though doing so often leaves them woozy and staggered from the immense burden of manipulating time.
Clinging Acid:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, 'Acidic Skin' Racial feat, Character level 5th   Effects: The turn after a creature takes acid damage from 'Acidic Skin' they take half the damage they took the previous round, taking half of such damage in each subsequent round until the resulting damage is less than 2.   The acid in their skin able to cling to skin, clothing, and metal alike, these Urqet can melt others far after they finish embracing them, their acid clinging to their flesh and quickly burning through their bodies for minutes at a time...
Walking Fortress:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Character level 11th   Effects: You count as total cover for determining whether creatures can see creatures behind you. When a creature strikes you with a weapon(Magical or nonmagical), the weapon takes 3d8 points of damage, applying the weapon's hardness normally. Creatures attacking with natural weapons instead take 2d4 untyped damage with no save. You can support one creature one size smaller than you, or two creatures two sizes smaller than you, and so on atop your monstrous body as if you were a castle fortification or tower, giving them partial cover against attacks and allowing them to attack from atop you.   Their hardened chitin exoskeletons widenening and growing with age, these Urqet become veritable fortresses on the battlefield, completely blocking attacks that would otherwise pass through them and allowing allies to fight from atop their bodies as their chitin hardens and grows, giving them imposing spiky appearances and a central 'bastion' area atop their main bodies where a single creature can sit and stand comfortably to fight.
Poison Dispersion:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Access to Racial Poisons, Character level 7th   Effects: You can disperse one of the poisons you have access to in a 5ft radius around you, subjecting any creature that ends their turn in those squares to pass a fortitude save as normal or be exposed to the effects of the poison. However, due to the dispersed nature of the poison, they get a +4 to this save. Switching the poison being dispersed this way is a swift action. While a given poison is being dispersed this way, it cannot be injected with a tail sting or distilled into doses if you have the 'Poison Extraction' Racial Feat.   Able to secrete their poisons through their skin and into the air around them, these Urqet are as powerful as they are dangerous as the literal air around them begins to boil with poisonous vapors...
Skull Extraction:   Prerequisites: Urqet Race, Character level 13th   Effects: When you have a foe grappled, you can attempt to behead them with a single stomach lurching rip of your claws. By making a check to maintain a grapple as a full-round action they can, if successful, deal 4d6 + 3xSTRMOD to the victim after the successful check to maintain. If this damage is enough to bring the target below 0HP, they must succeed at a fortitude save(DC 10 + 1/2HD + STRMOD) or have their head ripped from their body, resulting in instant death for most creatures. Creatures who do not require heads to function, have multiple heads, or who have no heads at all will likely not suffer the instant death portion of this ability's effects(GM Discretion).   A terrifying technique that has become so infamous that the Skull Rippers, legendary constructs modeled after scorpions for whom this ability is better known, were modeled after ancient Urqet and their terrifying prowess with ripping heads from bodies. These Urqet are grim executioners, sparing none as they proudly display the heads they collect on their body.


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