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Urqet Alternate Racial Traits

Racial Variants

Deepcrawler: Take the "Ibn'had Stone", "Urqet Warden", and "Mirageborn" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: You gain a burrow speed of 20ft. You may select one willing allied creature you can touch at the beginning of each day - you gain a status effect on that creature for 24 hours.   The Deepcrawlers are a variant of Urqet that are almost never seen by Outsiders, and are almost as rare among the Urqet themselves - they tend to stick to the deepest depths of Urqet settlements and are often charged with guarding the Tombs, Deep Caverns, and most importantly the Leaders of the Urqet Tribes. Unflinching, Unstoppable, and Utterly fearless in battle, the Deepcrawlers are an incredibly durable breed with the uncanny ability to dig through the ground and to select a "charge" that they can keep tabs on and guard with their life. Because of this, they tend to be the right-hand guards of the leaders of the Urqet people, their unkillable bodyguards, but can be found somewhat infrequently in deep, forgotten ruins - quietly overseeing its deepest halls as a quiet, unflinching warden. They tend to be darkly colored and slightly smaller than other Urqet - their carapace typically colored in purples, browns, and blues with their skin paler than average as a result of time spent underground.
Pharaonis: Take the "Housecrawler", "Urqet Royal", and "Ruinspeaker" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: Gain the Truespeech ability, allowing all creatures to understand your spoken word regardless of language. By focusing on a creature you can see for one full round, you can read their surface thoughts in that given moment - once used on a creature, you cannot use it again on them for 24 hours.   The greatest leaders of the Urqet People, the Pharaonis are not merely the leaders of the Urqet chosen by might or persuasion, but instead are a species all their own - Emperors and Empresses chosen by divine right, each one born into this world with a great omen destined to lead the Urqet people. They are towering, monolithic, and possess the hallmark of their right to rule - their enormous twin tails that hang threateningly over their massive bodies, poised to impale and skewer their enemies at a moment's notice. In truth, they are a supremely mysterious breed - the Urqet that they lead speak of them as each being wholly unique and chosen by the gods for a purpose, sent to the mortal realm for some great, glorious design that even they may not fully understand - and adding onto this mysteriousness is their extreme rarity: they are almost NEVER found outside of Urqet Tribes. Many rumors exist about them, some insidious and some benign, ranging from an insidious ability to control other Urqet in body and mind to their strange and mysterious powers to speak to and mend the ruins that they and their people dwell within. Whatever the truth may be, they typically have beautiful and windswept features and sun-bronzed carapaces and skin, giving them a dark caramel color with hair the color of precious metals. Supposedly, unique "chambers" exist in Urqet tribes and the ruins they guard where these mighty rulers of the Urqet are born or trained, but they have never been seen by outsiders.

Alternate Racial Traits

Ibn'had Stone: You gain 'Endurance' and 'Diehard' as bonus feats. You may ignore the racial prerequisites on the 'Deathless Initiate', 'Deathless Zealot', 'Ironhide', and 'Deathless Master' feats, treat their BAB requirements as 3 less, and are immune to continuous damage from bleed attacks. Replaces Sahshut Stone.   Famed as the legendary "Deathless Warriors" of the Urqet people who guard the Pharaohs that lead their tribes, those implanted with the Ibn'had stone have their bodies pushed far past their limits, able to stand on the brink of death for as long as it takes to see their enemies destroyed and laid low.
Holy Eye of Rashepsut: You cast all divination spells at +1 caster level, and have a 20% higher chance of getting a correct answer on divination spells that only have a percentage chance to return correct information(Such as Augury or Divination). You halve the penalties for lack of knowledge on a creature for scrying spells, and can use scrying on objects and places instead of just creatures. By performing a ritual with a belonging or a biological part of a creature that takes one hour, you may learn the creature's name, gender, race, profession, and current general location(City or country-level). Replaces Sahshut Stone.   A blessing given to the spiritual leaders of the Urqet People, the Holy Eye of Rashepsut is a stone of purest white that is found in the forehead of young Urqet around the time they reach young-adulthood - as opposed to the normal stones which are found from birth. Those who are marked by these stones are considered blessed by the Spirit Kings, and often take up positions of spiritual leadership in an Urqet Tribe.
Captivating Gaze of Haa'tor: You gain a gaze attack with a range of 20ft that forces enemies caught within its radius to succeed at a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + WISMOD) or become fascinated(During which time, they become pliant to reasonable requests, GM Discretion). In combat, this effect changes to inflicting the shaken condition for 1 round(Though unlike normal shaken, this penalty applies to AC as well). Once a creature has succeeded a saving throw vs this ability, they are immune to its effects for 1 hour. Replaces Sahshut Stone.   Born with no gemstone in their heads but with eyes that glow and sparkle like newborn starlight, these Urqet are infiltrators and manipulators of minds - using the power inherent in their gaze to mess with the minds of others and filling them with a surge of emotions that can vary between targets.
Sticky Carapace: You gain a +4 on grapple checks due to the sticky adhesive covering your body. Any creatures that strikes you with a weapon either natural or manufactured must succeed at a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + DEXMOD) or become doused with sticky adhesive and become forced to remain adjacent or otherwise within their reach of you. Pulling themselves free requires a strength check (DC 10 + your HD). Strong alcohol or universal solvent applied as a standard action dissolves this adhesive, and you can dissolve this adhesive at will. Replaces Thick Carapace.   Much like mimics, these Urqet find their capaces covered in a thick, slimy adhesive that holds fast any creatures or items that touch it. While strange, it is a useful mutation that they frequently use for capturing other creatures alive.
Housecrawler: Become a huge sized creature(Gaining no ability scores bonuses or decreases because of it). You can take on a specific medium-sized form as per Alter Self as a swift action, which remains unchanged each time it is used. You also gain a +4 racial bonus to your natural armor. Replaces Thick Carapace.   Rapidly growing to truly titanic proportions, these massive Urqet often become high-ranking warriors in their tribe if not outright kings or queens - with their power comes both wisdom and grace, for to live at such proportions teaches young Urqet of such size to respect their surroundings and those around them - for so large are they, that by the time they awaken their latent potential to take on humanoid forms, they have had many close calls with accidentally killing allies by moving over them.
Spellplates: You gain Spell Resistance equal to 11 + HD. Any ray attack that fails to hit you is automatically returned back unto the caster. Replaces Thick Carapace and Sahshut Stone.   With scales and plates glowing with ancient magics and forgotten runes, these Urqet are incredibly resistant to spells and can even turn specific ray spells back on their casters - making them feared by casters of all kinds.
Urqet Royal: Gain two sting natural attacks that MUST be primary natural attacks, each with 5ft more range than normal(15ft total) and that each deal 1d8 + 1.5x DEXMOD damage, crit on a 19-20/X2, and inflicts Urqet Venom. Gain one secondary claw natural attack that deals 1d6 damage and possesses the Grab and Constrict Universal Monster Rule. Replaces Deadly Attacks.   Long considered a sign of royal blood or a blessing from the gods, these Urqet who possess two stingers are feared for their twin, lethal stringers that can lash out like lightning to pierce flesh and deliver deadly venom.
Urqet Warden: Gain two claw natural attacks that deal 1d6 damage(And possess the Grab and Constrict Universal Monster Rules). In addition, you may move yourself and all creatures in grapples you control without taking the move grapple action - they are simply automatically dragged along with you when you move on your turn. Replaces Deadly Attacks.   Able to wrench their victims off the ground and scuttle rapidly around the battlefield with them, these Urqet are rarely seen by outsiders unless a search and capture party is established and sent out by a particular tribe - usually, they are kept deep in the bowels of a tribe's ancestral ruins they guard or in otherwise important spots, guarding prisoners or important places.
Razorbarb Stinger: Whenever you successfully land an attack with your sting natural attack, you can attempt to impale the target upon your barbed stinger - make a CMB grapple check against the target with a +4 bonus(Which does not stack with the +4 bonus from the Grab UMR), and if successful you successfully impale them on your stringer. Creatures impaled in this way take damage at the start of each of their turns equal to your sting natural attack's damage and are exposed to any poison your tail carries at a -4 penalty to the save. As an immediate action, you can pull your weapon out of your opponent. If your opponent is ever outside your reach, you must spend a free action to retract your stinger from the target. Your opponent can also spend a move action to pull your stinger. The impaled creature cannot move themselves out of your melee reach until the stringer is removed, though you or another creature moving or moving them can remove the stinger. While you impale your opponent with your stinger, you cannot use it to attack. You cannot take this alternate if you got rid of your stinger attack. Replaces Kinetic Vestiges.   Their massive barbed stingers sharpened into highly lethal razorpoints, these Urqet can impale others with a single piercing strike, holding their bodies on their tails as they let their venom seep into their bodies.
Poison Versatility: You gain access to both Stonemelt Venom and Mindshroud Venom in addition to Urqet Venom(And can switch between them as a move action), listed below. You cannot take this alternate if you replace your stinger attack. Replaces Kinetic Vestiges.  
  • Stonemelt Venom: Sting - contact; Save(Fortitude, DC 10 + 1/2HD + CONMOD OR WISMOD(Whichever is higher) Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; Effect 8d8 Damage to objects(Ignoring Hardness, not affecting undead or constructs Cure 2 Consecutive Saves; Special: Unattended objects get no save, ignores object immunity to poison
  • Mindshroud Venom: Sting - injury; Save(Fortitude, DC 10 + 1/2HD + CONMOD OR WISMOD(Whichever is higher) Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; Effect 1d4 Wisdom Damage; Cure 2 Consecutive Saves; Special: Creatures that hit 0 Wisdom this way are mindless creatures under the control of the urqet that poisoned them until the damage is healed.
  Their bodies pulsing with more insidious poisons, these Urqet are the poisonmasters of their people, and are highly adept at both tearing down objects with their Stonemelt Venom and breaking down the minds of others with their Mindshroud Venom.
Kinetic Infusion: Choose an element from (Fire, Acid, Cold, Electricity) - you apply the "Elemental Burst" enchantment corresponding to that element to your natural attacks and gain resistance 5 to that element. Replaces Kinetic Vestiges.   A different means of applying their ancestral power over the elements, these Urqet learn to channel their kinetic power into their very bodies to aid thier attacks and help defend them from the attacks of others.
Mirageborn: You ignore penalties to stealth due to size, and gain 'Hellcat Stealth' as a bonus feat, ignoring prerequisites. You make no sound when you move, inflicting a -5 penalty(GM discretion, penalty may vary) on perception checks to notice you made by enemies who rely on sound only to percieve. Tremorsense and Blindsense have a 50% chance to not detect when you are stealthing - if an enemy would detect you with one of these special senses while you are stealthing, roll to see if the 50% chance would trigger; if it would, they cannot percieve you with that sense until you break stealth, after which they will percieve you as normal(And roll again on future attempts to enter stealth). Replaces Kinetic Vestiges.   Their bodies swirling and churning with strange chameleon patterns, these Urqet are capable of blending into the surrounding terrain much like a desert mirage, allowing them to sneak up on others and get the drop on them.
Ruinspeaker: You gain darkvision out to 60ft and gain mending as an at-will SLA. You may cast Stone Tell, Passwall, and Make Whole 1/day each. Replaces Kinetic Vestiges.   The elite and ancient caste of the Urqet people who rarely leave the ruins they are charged with maintaining and guarding, the Ruinspeakers are the living envoys of the Urqet People's most sacred grounds - and are highly trusted and respected.
Mirage Scout: You gain a racial +2 to stealth and acrobatics checks, and one is always a class skill for you. Replaces Ancient Guardians.   Though the Urqet people often make their home around ancient ruins and other historical sites, many among them are charged with keeping watch on the area surrounding their village - these Mirage Scouts are charged with blending in with the surrounding terrain and moving nimbly over the desert dunes to keep their people safe.
Studied Scholar: You gain a racial +2 on knowledge(history) checks and choose two other knowledge skills - you may make those checks untrained. Replaces Ancient Guardians.   As their tribes often are found safeguarding ancient ruins and other sites of historical importance, Urqet are often well-learned on history and knowledge in general, pulled from the depths of the ruins they guard.
Undead Empathy: Mindless Undead will not attack you unless provoked, and you can empathetically communicate with them so long as you do not provoke them. This allows you to train Undead to serve as guards or carry out other simple tasks. Replaces Scorpion Empathy.   Often found as solitary hermits or in tribes protecting ruins infested with Undead creatures, these Urqet are solitary and brooding, and often prefer the company of the dead to the living - and, in tribes, are often in charge of the embalming rituals used on the dead.
Telepathy: Gain telepathy out to 60ft. Replaces Scorpion Empathy.   Rather than communicate with scorpions, these rare Urqet are given strange powers by the stones embedded in their heads - able to project their voices into the minds of others, they are often in charge of communicating with foreigners or visitors to the tribe, and can often be found wearing simple cloths that cover their faces from the nose down.
Desert Master: You are completely immune to all effects of hot weather, sandstorms, and can see normally in such conditions of heat-based inclement weather. In all other non-heat based inclement weather such as windstorms, tornadoes, and the like, you count as one size larger for determining how they affect you, take half the penalties, and reduce damage taken by 1/3. Replaces Scorpion Empathy.   Able to adapt to the desert conditions of their homeland better than most, these Urqet are often used as scouts for their villages and are those often put in charge of maintaining the village defenses during inclement weather - and are often the first line of defense against desert races that can produce such effects, such as Eldragi and Othraka.
The Ancient Roads: You can designate a number of spots equal to 2 plus one additional spot for every 4HD they possess. They may, as a full-round action that does not provoke, travel as per greater teleport to such spots - this travel leaves behind a teleport gate that allied creatures can pass through for 1 round(Enemy creatures cannot see it, though true sight reveals its existence and allows for its use by anyone). They extend the range of dimension door, teleport, and similar spells by 50%(Rounding up) - this works even with effects that mimic such abilities, like the Shift Teleportation Wizard School ability. Replaces Sight of Rashepsut.   Though not as strong nor as complete of a connection, the Urqet as a people, thanks to their sapphire elven ancestors, form some kind of ancient connection to the Sapphire Network - the ancient network that existed before the Ages of Men, Dwarves, or Elves that only the Výtrúl can fully tap into.
Focused Timesight: You gain a racial bonus to initiative equal to 1/2 your HD, may take both a standard and move action in the surprise round, and may 3/day cast the Darting Duplicate Spell by ripping into the threads of time and tearing out a fading version of yourself from a different timeline to replicate the spell's effects. Replaces Sight of Rashepsut.   Though their blessings manifest in stranger and more alien ways than those of their more normal brethren, these unique Urqet find their ability to glimpse the fractal patterns of the timescape allows them to anticipate combat before it even begins, acting quicker than most and even allowing them to summon alternate versions of themselves into this reality for a few brief seconds to assist them in battle.


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