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Sanctor Racial Feats

Elysium's Howl:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, 'Freedom's Call' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: You may treat yourself as under a Freedom of Movement for a number rounds per day equal to 1/2 your HD(Minimum 1). These rounds do not need to be consecutive.   Able to channel the freeing winds of Elysium to even greater effect, these Sanctor can use their influence to break free of any restrain or impediment in their path.
Greater Sunfire Infusion:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, 'Godking's Sunfire' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: You can convert all fire damage you deal into Godfire. Gain +1 damage per die on all fire damage.   Their souls burning with the power of the mighty Tarthan Sun, these Sanctor wield a heat wholly unmatched across all of Zheng-Kitar.
Stardreamer:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race   Effect: You no longer need to breathe, and gain Cold Resistance 10 that stacks with existing resistances. You automatically activate the effects of a commune spell 1/day as you sleep, except you only get one question.  
"I have flown through endless night, with starlight as my guide. Seen the universe, and the stars. Glimpsed the Stardreamer and his truth as I slept amongst the endless ocean, drifting like flotsam. I wept as I saw the beauty of it all. And I shall never weep again."  
Luther Crusael, Sanctor Scholar, after losing his wings
Transmutation Adept:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race   Effects: Add +1 to the DC for the saving throws of all spells of the transmutation school. Transmutation spells that buff your allies last 50% longer. If you have Transmutation as an opposition school, you no longer take the penalty on skill checks to craft magic items involving transmutation spells, nor the penalty on checks to identify transmutation spells.   Special: This counts as the "Spell Focus" feat for the purposes of feat prerequisites.   Sanctor are often quite adept at Transmutative Magics - in one part due to their strange, twisted physiology while in other part due to the influence of a legendary Transmutation Grandmaster that has left her indelible mark upon her own kind; legacy of her transmutative power.
Abominable Creation:   Prerequisites: Sanctor race, Character level 1st only   Effects: Gain the 'Unnatural Aura(30ft)' and 'Telepathy(100ft)' universal monster abilities.   Special: You can no longer speak verbally.   While all Sanctor carry with them a heavy, leaden aura of dourness and apathy as a result of their race’s tragic creation, they yet count themselves lucky they were at least successful experiments that left the twisted laboratories of the high humans, as the Stone-Warped were not. Yet...some among them are not so lucky. Some among them are walking reminders, and glimpses into just what the ancient flesh-labs of the high humans might have been like...and how utterly horrific they must have been. Their mouths stitched shut with NEMEAN needles, their vocal cords sewn shut bit by painful bit, and their entire beings surrounded by an aura so unnatural, so hateful and inimical to life as the world today knows it that animals refuse to go near them. Plant life bends and twists in their presence, as if the very world rejects their existence and what they are. Their minds touched and warped by dark arcane experiments, these Sanctor’s gazes haunt the soul, their eyes empty and dead as they communicate through thought alone, unable to express themselves or their emotions as they wish. To the other Sanctor, these twisted, malformed members of their kind are things to be pitied, and, when they can and wish it, provided the gods’ mercy so that they may find the happiness that eluded them on the mortal plane in the great skies above. Some of these twisted abominations persist in clinging to life, however, determined to forge a place for themselves just as their kin have...and while such a strong-willed one is rare, they have been known to exist.
Angelic Blood:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, Character level 3rd   Effects: Whenever you are struck for damage in melee by a non-reach weapon, the attack takes 1d4 points of P/B/S damage automatically as your angelic blood lashes out to strike them in retaliation. This point of damage bypasses DR on living creatures. Once per day, in a process that takes one hour, you may distill your angelic blood into a Cure Light Wounds potion with a CL equal to your HD.   Special: At 5th, 9th, and 13th levels, the level of Cure Potion you can create increases by one grade (Light -> Moderate -> Serious -> Critical).   Their angelic blood filled with power, these Sanctor find their blood lashing out to defend them when they are attacked, as if it had a mind of its own to protect its host body. Secondarily, they also find their blood developing potent healing properties which serves them quite well in their day to day life.
Master of Life and Script:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, Character level 3rd   Effects: You become capable of sensing the presence and basic topics of any books, scrolls, or other writings. As a standard action, you can read 100 pages of non-magical writing, or read one scroll as if with read magic. Both of these abilities function within 30ft. Additionally, as a standard action, you may target any creature or information-bearing object within 30ft - nonmagical objects recieve no save, while magical objects or creatures must make a Fortitude Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + WISMOD) or be rendered blank and barren(Or in the case of creatures, sterile and unable to reproduce or bear children). Creatures that magically reproduce are not affected by this ability.   A strange ability born of the rare Azata heritage deep within the history of a Sanctor, this strange ability is a blending of the abilities of some powerful Azata such as Veranallia and Raelis, whose lines have blended with mortal Sanctor at some point in the long-distant past.
Azaliah's Godsteel Body:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, Character level 5th   Effects: You gain a +4 on all CMB checks made to bull rush thanks to the weight of your body, and gain a racial +2 to all saves made versus spells and SLA's because of the angelic energy pulsing through your metallic skin. Additionally, you gain an effect depending on the metallic affinity of your flesh chosen when taking this feat(Chosen from the below list). You can also detect the presence of the metal you choose in a one mile radius around you(Brazen counts as Adamantine for this purpose, and Steel counts as Iron).  
  • Brazen: You gain fire resistance 5 that stacks with other resistance. Additionally, you gain the power to shape flame - for each round you spend a standard action to focus on an open flame you can see, you can either extinguish it, or move the flame to another nearby space. You can either extinguish or move a number of 5ft square of fire each round equal to 1/2 your HD(Min 1) this way. Your unarmed strikes, natural attacks, and metallic weapon attacks count as Adamantine for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction.
  • Golden: You become immune to blindness, dazzling, and dazing effects. Your unarmed strikes, natural attacks, and metallic weapon attacks count as Gold and Good Aligned for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction.
  • Silver: When reduced to below 0 HP, you remain conscious, automatically stabilize, and can continue to act(although you are still staggered). If you take damage or are the target of a spell that causes your death, you remain alive for 1 round and can act normally (you are not staggered for this final round). Your unarmed strikes, natural attacks, and metallic weapon attacks count as Silver for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction.
  • Steel: You gain a +2 racial bonus to your natural armor, and grant immunity to the rusting grasp ability of rust monsters to all gear you are carrying or wielding. Your unarmed strikes, natural attacks, and metallic weapon attacks count as Cold Iron for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction.
  Amongst those Sanctor who inherit the innate blood of their celestial kin, there are some among them who have skin and wings of burnished metal, their bodies shining lustrously as their Angelic brethren in the realms above and their metallic flesh creeping up their wings over their lifetimes, their wings becoming encased in the same powerful metal that has coated their skin, giving them an appearance not dissimilar in the slightest to the truest and purest of Angels, their eyes glowing an angelic white as they take on the once legendary form of the Commander of the Celestial Host, Azaliah.
Celestial Flechette:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, Character level 5th   Effects: You may launch one of your beautiful feathers as a ranged touch attack - these feathers deal damage and crit as daggers with a range increment of 30ft. Once per combat, you can fire a 15ft cone of razor-sharp feathers that force all creatures within the cone to make at a Reflex Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + STRMOD or DEXMOD(Whichever is higher)), taking half damage on a success.   Special: If you possess the "Luciel's Razor Wings" Racial Feat, the damage on this ranged attack is increased by two steps as well.   Special: These ranged attacks inherit any elemental damage your wings deal, and any metals your wings count as for overcoming DR.   Able to launch their wings as razor-sharp daggers to impale their enemies, these Sanctor are deadly in both close and long range - able to bludgeoning their enemies up close and skewer them from afar with deadly precision.
Luciel's Razor Wings:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, 'Azaliah's Godsteel Body' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: The damage dice of your wing attacks increases by two steps. You can now deal Slashing, Piercing, or Bludgeoning with your wing attacks. If you not otherwise wearing or using a shield, your wings count as a shield and grant you a +2 shield bonus.   Seen as a mark of undiluted purity by Sanctor society, the rare few Sanctor who are born with shining metal skin sometimes find their already metalic wings growing razor sharp, making them even deadlier in combat.
Fleshwarped Ascendance:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, Character level 7th   Effects: Choose from one of the following subtypes and gain the appropriate effects of that subtype. For subtypes such as Water or Earth that give swim or burrow speeds, such speeds are equal to your base land speed.  
  • Fire, Cold, Lawful, Chaotic, Water, Earth, Any Racial Type(Human, Dwarf, Etc)
  The twisted, unnatural bodies that they have mutating even more with age, many sanctor find themselves taking on strange and unnatural properties as they age, their bodies becoming flaming hot, freezing cold, aligned, or any other number of strange reactions.
Empyrean Existence:   Prerequisites: Sanctor or Aasimar race, Must have fly speed greater than 30ft, Character level 9th   Effects: Increase base fly speed by 10ft and gain a Gaze attack with a range of 30ft. Creatures caught by this attack must make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha modifier), or be Shaken. Creatures who fail the save by 10 or more become Frightened instead. A creature affected by this attack cannot be affected again for 24 hours, regardless of their save.   Special: You grow an extra pair of wings. You do not gain additional wing attacks with them until you gain the Luciel's Razor Wings feat, at which point they give 2 extra wing attacks at normal damage for Luciel's Razor Wings natural attacks.   A one in a million gift, the infinitely rare Sanctor who call themselves Empyrean are walking, living reminders of the might and bottomless cruelty the high humans wrought to birth their kind. Descendants of the rare Empyreans, one of the highest ranks an angel can possess, that the the high humans managed to subdue and mutate against their will, these Sanctor carry immense holy might within them, their very eyes burning bright, burning blue like holy beacons that strike fear into the souls of any who gaze upon them. Immense, striking, and in possession of overwhelming, larger than life personalities that can easily make them come off as overbearing, these Sanctor are icons of Authority and Might, each step they take quaking the very air around them and sending ripples of fear into the hearts of those who fear their holy heritage. Their four fluttering wings, made of the finest angelic feathers that glow with a warm blue light similar to their eyes, are said to be so beautiful as to bring one to tears, reminders of the might of the celestial Empyrean Angels.
Shifting Internals:   Prerequisites: Sanctor Race, 'Fleshwarped Bastard' Racial trait, Character level 9th   Effects: You are always treated as having the effects of a "Light Fortification" effect. This effect stacks with other Light Fortification and Medium Fortification effects, but not heavy. You may use the effects of "Fleshwarped Bastard" to 1/2 the damage from a critical hit one additional time per day.   Thanks to their Twisted Physiology, some Sanctor have bodies and internal systems so jumbled and twisted that those that seek to strike them in their vital areas sometimes find their very organs have shifted inside their bodies, rendering their strike mundane and preventing severe harm.


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